Spirulina - natürliche Schatzkammer der menschlichen Ernährung


Spirulina-Pulver vimergy Natural spirulina powder is a natural food and one of the oldest living things on Earth, with more than 3 billion years of existence to date. Its shape is not branching filamentous, like a coiled spring, was green, because of its strange shape, so named spirulina!

Cleanest spirulina chewable tablets is rich in vitamins, polysaccharides, unsaturated fats and minerals and other nutrients, including vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, vitamin E, vitamin K, and zinc, iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, iodine and other trace elements, has been recognized by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization as “the most ideal food in the 2l century”!

Spirulina certified organic – the treasure house of human natural nutrition

1, Spirulina-Pulver online high protein, rich nutrition

Nutrition experts confirmed: Spirulina is the best natural protein food source, the protein content of up to 60-70%, equivalent to 6 times of wheat, 4 times of pork, 3 times of fish, 5 times of eggs, 2.4 times of cheese, nutritious and digestible absorption rate of up to 95%.

2. Natural treasure of Chlorophyll and Spirulina algae powder

The amount of chlorophyll in spirulina is high quality, accounting for 1.1% of the algae body, which is 2-3 times that of most land plants and 10 times that of ordinary vegetables. The type of chlorophyll contained in green powder with chlorophyll and spirulina is mainly chlorophyll a, the molecular structure is very similar to human heme, is the direct raw material for human synthesis of hemoglobin, called “green blood”.

3, effective suppression of free radicals moringa and spirulina powder

The increase of free radicals in the human body can damage cells and lead to various chronic diseases. Beta-carotene is one of the most effective active substances to inhibit free radicals and is the main source of vitamin A in the human body. The beta-carotene in spirulina is 15-18 times that of carrot, which helps to suppress free radicals in the body and reduce the occurrence of disease!

Direct, high-quality, continuous protein supplement, comprehensive, balanced, scientific nutrition supply, Best quality spirulina powder is called by scientists “natural treasure house of nutrition”. And spirulina is beneficial to human health, and has an important role in health care, its importance has reached an international consensus, more countries pay attention to.

The Japanese Health Association announced that spirulina is one of the 38 health foods in the country.

In the United States, spirulina is used as a high-level nutritional food and also as a weight loss food.

● Germany lists spirulina as a special food for athletes, women and children, and the elderly.

The Mexican government stipulates that children’s food in the country must contain 5% spirulina, and athletes participating in the Olympic Games must contain 20% to 40% spirulina in their food.

France, Israel, India, Thailand and other countries have made spirulina into a variety of health food spirulina powder 500g.

Spirulina has a wide variety of nutrients, rich nutritional value, and belongs to nutritional food. Spirulina oligopeptide concentrates a variety of natural active ingredients in nature, which not only greatly retains the nutritional value of spirulina, but also is easy to be absorbed by the human body, which can meet the health needs of human beings of all ages, and men and women can be safely consumed.

At the same time, a wide variety of nutritional health and medical characteristics, so that spirulina in functional food, additives, dietary nutrients and drugs and other aspects of the wide application, in the field of health has a great potential for development.