Effects of spirulina on liver

Beneficios de la espirulina en polvo para la mujer

What kind of substance is espirulina and why do we need it?

Spirulina is the most comprehensive, balanced and full green human food found in nature so far.

Its protein content is as high as more than 65%, and contains all kinds of amino acids required by the human body, and the ratio is reasonable, the most suitable for the human body to absorb and use, including 9 kinds of human essential and their own cannot be synthesized aminobenzoic acid, its content is almost consistent with the ideal standard stipulated by the United Nations.

It is also rich in a variety of vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and source blue pigments and other bioactive substances, called the best rice source of human health vitality, and even recommended by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the World Health Organization as “the best nutritional food for mankind in the 21st century.”

What does “blunt top” mean? What is the effect on the human body?

The structure of phycobilite is different from the traditional half-disk model. The rods of the phycobilite are not arranged in the same plane, but extend in all directions of space. The rods are arranged in the same plane in the shape of half disk around the nucleus, so the name of the phycobilite is blunt.

In improving the body immunity and other aspects of the efficacy of the ordinary spirulina product history is significant. It is a pure natural preparation, non-toxic brush effect. Suitable for men, women and children as nutrition and health products for long-term consumption. It has good regulation, improvement and auxiliary treatment effect on people with low immunity, weak constitution, easy to catch cold, tumor radiotherapy and chemotherapy, diabetes, stomach disease, liver disease, constipation and insomnia.

“A good liver does not fall, a poor liver is easy to age.” Doctors and health care professionals have repeatedly said, “Don’t drink! Don’t stay up late!”

However, unless something is really wrong with the liver, everyone is holding on to a chance.

In the heart of a “should not”, and can not shield the scourge of disease. Because there is an inevitable relationship between an unhealthy diet and liver damage. You may not know it yet, but the liver is quietly weakening.

Spirulina: Umbrella for stomach and liver

1. Get drunk easily

Some people, usually a large amount of alcohol, but now become a little after the feeling of “drunk”, this sign reminds you that the liver function is reduced, the liver is damaged, the liver can not completely decompose the alcohol metabolite acetaldehyde.

2. Increased acne

The hormone lutein in the body promotes the production of sebum. The liver, on the other hand, disrupts the hormone prolutein and regulates hormonal balance. Therefore, reduced liver function will increase sebum production, and eventually lead to acne.

3. The wound is prone to suppurative infection

The liver plays an important role in metabolism, and if the liver is damaged, skin regeneration will be hindered. In addition, the decreased detoxification function of the liver is easy to cause wound infection with bacteria.

4. Red nose

The so-called “red nose” is formed by the expansion of the capillaries in the head of the nose. Although “red nose” is not necessarily caused by liver damage, women are prone to “red nose” when liver function is reduced and hormones are disrupted.

5, the face is black

The liver plays an important role in the metabolism of iron, and iron is usually stored in the liver. When liver cells are damaged, the iron in the liver cells will flow into the blood vessels, increasing the iron content in the blood, resulting in blackening of the face.

Spirulina protects liver and liver has a trick

Our living environment and diet are the reasons for the high incidence of liver cancer, especially high-risk diet and hepatitis B virus carrying are important reasons for the high incidence of liver cancer.

The liver is the body’s largest detoxification organ, we all know that the liver is generally not “cry pain”, in the medical community, liver cancer is very good at hiding cancer.

We should observe the situation of liver health in time, and make corresponding countermeasures to ensure the health of the liver.

The nutrients contained in spirulina are particularly rich, high quality, complete, and various proportions are scientific and reasonable. Spirulina is rich in nutrients, such as protein, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins, which can not only promote intestinal health, but also help protect the liver and kidney, but also promote metabolism, so that people are full of energy and maintain a young state.