Espirulina en polvo y estómago


Work pressure, the spirit has been highly tense, do not eat on time, happy or unhappy are overeating, late-night dinner and so on. Many people start to have stomach problems, even old stomach problems.

As the old saying goes: “Ten people have nine stomach diseases.” It can be seen that since ancient times, spleen and stomach diseases are very common.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the spleen is the foundation of the acquired nature. The strength of the spleen and stomach function determines the rise and fall of the vitality, and the most important factor of human health is the internal vitality, so the maintenance of the spleen and stomach is the key to health.

How is your spleen and stomach?

Red, swollen eyes and feeling tired, bags under the eyes are spleen deficiency;

Red nose, weak spleen and stomach; If the nose and wings are red, the digestive system is faulty.

Swollen gums and bad breath are stomach fire;

Yellow complexion, blood-less lips, drooling during sleep is lack of temper;

Abdominal distension after meals, love hiccups, and easy diarrhea, mostly gastrointestinal weakness, lack of temper.

99% of people don’t know Spirulina is perfect for nourishing the stomach

Spleen and stomach are zang-fu relations, mutual influence, inseparable.

Stomach disease is also known as “pressure disease”, because of the contraction of the stomach mucosal blood vessels, gastric secretion and stomach movement are related to the nervous system, emotional instability and long-term tension, will make the sympathetic nerve excited, produce a series of stomach discomfort symptoms. And thinking too much, depression, sensitivity, etc., will also hurt the spleen.

A good stomach benefits the spleen; A good spleen benefits the stomach.

Micro organics espirulina has unique protection, conditioning and repair functions for digestive system.

The nutrients contained in spirulina are particularly rich, high quality, complete, and various proportions are scientific and reasonable. Green origins spirulina is rich in nutrients, such as protein, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins, which can not only promote intestinal health, but also help protect the liver and kidney, but also promote metabolism, so that people are full of energy and maintain a young state.

Spirulina has the characteristics of high protein, low fat, low sugar, low cholesterol, and contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other physiological active substances, is an ideal natural bioactive health food.

Protection of the stomach: most of the patients with stomach diseases are excessive stomach acid, resulting in gastritis, gastric ulcer and other diseases, and spirulina is alkaline food, espirulina contains high plant protein and rich chlorophyll, beta-carotene, etc. These nutrients are very effective for stomach acid neutralization and gastrointestinal mucosal repair, regeneration and normal secretion function, especially suitable for gastrointestinal patients.