The effects and effects of lutein, what are the foods rich in lutein?


In modern society, our eyes are often faced with a variety of challenges, such as prolonged use of electronic devices, exposure to strong light, lack of rest and nutrition.

These factors can lead to fatigue, dryness, blurred eyes, inflammation and other problems, and even lead to some serious eye diseases, such as cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration.

In order to protect our eye health, we need to supplement some nutrients that are good for our eyes, and one of the most important is lutein.

Lutein is a carotenoid, which is a natural yellow pigment found mainly in dark green and orange-yellow fruits and vegetables.

Lutein helps us see the details and colors of objects and also protects our eyes from harmful light and free radicals.

Because there is no lutein synthase in the human body, lutein cannot be directly synthesized and can only be obtained through dietary intake. In 1995, lutein was approved by the US FDA as a dietary supplement, and in 2007 it was listed as a food additive in China.

Lutein, also known as “eye gold”, is one of the most important nutrients in the human retina and macula. It’s an important part of the visual system. Lutein is distributed in many tissues and organs of the human body, including eyes, liver, fat, pancreas, adrenal gland, breast tissue, etc., with the highest concentration in the macula of the retina. Its protective mechanism is mainly blue light filtering and anti-oxidative damage, so as to produce effective protection for the retina.

These symptoms in the eye should be alert

If your eyes are often dry, tired, blurry, tingling, watery, or you can’t see near or far objects clearly, you may be suffering from eye strain or other eye problems.

These symptoms can be caused by a lack of lutein or other nutrients.

Lutein is a natural eye protectant that can relieve eye discomfort and prevent more serious problems.

Lutein supplementation can effectively prevent eye strain

Eye strain is the strain on eye muscles and decreased visual function caused by prolonged use of electronic devices, reading, or staring at an object.

Eye strain can affect our productivity and quality of life, and can even increase the risk of developing myopia or other eye conditions.

Supplementation of lutein can effectively prevent and improve eye fatigue, because lutein can enhance the vitality and stability of retinal cells, improve the adaptability to light and contrast sensitivity, reduce the impact of glare and scattered light on vision, so that we can see more clearly and more comfortably.

Third, there are many other health benefits of lutein, here we introduce the 6 effects of lutein on the eyes.

Prevent cataract

Cataract is a common age-related eye disease in which the lens becomes cloudy and opaque, leading to vision loss and even blindness.

The main cause of cataracts is damage to the lens caused by ultraviolet light and oxidative stress.

Lutein can be used as an antioxidant and light filter to reduce the damage of UV rays and free radicals to the lens, thereby reducing the incidence and progression of cataracts.

Prevent glaucoma

Glaucoma is a chronic eye disease in which the optic nerve is damaged due to excessive intraocular pressure or other reasons, resulting in visual field loss or even blindness.

The main risk factors for glaucoma are oxidative stress and vascular inflammation.

Lutein can resist oxidative stress and protect optic nerve cells, while also improving blood circulation and reducing eye pressure, thereby preventing and delaying the development of glaucoma.

Prevention of macular degeneration:

Macular degeneration (macular degeneration) is a common age-related eye disease in which visual cells in the macular area degrade or die, resulting in loss of central vision.

The main risk factors for macular degeneration are blue light and oxidative stress.

Lutein can absorb blue light, protect the macular area from light damage, but also can resist oxidative stress, prevent the degeneration or death of visual cells, thereby preventing and reducing the symptoms of macular degeneration.

Improve night vision:

Night vision is the ability to see objects clearly in low light. Reduced night vision can be caused by A lack of vitamin A or other nutrients.

Lutein can promote the synthesis and utilization of vitamin A, increase the sensitivity of the retina to dark light, and thus improve night vision.

Dry eye prevention:

Dry eye syndrome is a common eye syndrome in which insufficient or poor tear production leads to dry, uncomfortable, and inflamed eye surfaces.

The main causes of dry eye are environmental factors, drug factors, age factors and so on.

Lutein can enhance the stability of the tear film, keep the surface of the eye moist and clean, and also inhibit the inflammatory response on the surface of the eye, thus relieving the discomfort of dry eye.

Enhanced color perception:

Color perception refers to our ability to distinguish and recognize different colors.

The decline in color perception can be caused by factors such as age, genetics, and disease.

Lutein can improve the retina’s ability to receive and transmit color signals, enhance our perception of color detail and contrast, and thus enable us to see a more colorful world.

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