The principle of radiation resistance of spirulina

Beneficios de la espirulina en polvo para la mujer

Reduce the damage of exogenous chemicals to macromolecules

Spirulina 1kg does not affect its growth after radiation irradiation up to 100Gy, indicating that it is highly resistant to radiation. After it is applied to people, it can absorb excessive radiation and reduce the damage of radiation to the body. In addition, spirulina powder for sale itself also contains restrictive endonucrenases and a variety of enzymes related to substance metabolism, which can increase the content of substances such as glutathione in the body. These substances combine with the electrophilic site structure of the mutagen to block the damage effect of the mutagen, protect the DNA and other macromolecules from attack, and reduce the damage of exogenous chemicals to macromolecules.

Enhanced DNA synthesis and repair function athletic greens spirulina

Studies have shown that polysaccharide and glycoprotein contained in buy organic espirulina best spirulina and chlorella powder can significantly increase the extra-programmed DNA synthesis after radiation, and can enhance the activity of endonuclease and DNA damage repair enzyme, so as to enhance the repair ability of cells to DNA damage.

Promote the emission of exogenous chemicals

Like other exogenous chemicals, chemical mutagens increase water solubility after metabolism in the liver or other tissues, and then combine with substances such as sulfate, glucuronic acid, glycine, glutatión and other substances in the body to accelerate the excretion of these substances from the body and protect macromolecular substances in the body. Studies have found that the glutathione contained in certified organic spirulina and the glucuronic acid in the polysaccharide can accelerate the excretion of radiation-induced mutagens.

Remove excess free radicals, improve the body’s antioxidant capacity

The normal metabolism of the human body will produce free radicals, which are needed for human activities, but the radiation reaction will produce a large number of free radicals, more than the amount required for human activities, these excessive free radicals indirectly have an effect on biological macromolecules, therefore, excessive free radicals are one of the important substances causing radiation damage.

Best espirulina brand in the world contains a variety of substances that can remove free radicals, such as: selenium, glutathione, vitamins, superoxide dismutase, coenzyme Q10 and so on. Glutathione has a reducing effect, which can eliminate free radicals produced by radiation in the body. Selenium is an important substance in glutathione, which has a very strong anti-radiation effect. Betacaroteno, vitamin C and vitamin E also mop up free radicals produced by radiation. Coenzyme Q10 and superoxide dismutase are both free radical scavenging factors, which can specifically remove harmful free radicals in the body to remove the damage caused by free radical oxidation of certain components of the body.

In addition, spirulina best polysaccharides, γ-linolenic acid and chlorophyll in spirulina also have antioxidant effects. A variety of substances in spirulina powder price work together to remove excess free radicals caused by radiation, thereby improving the body’s antioxidant capacity.

Improve immunity

Experiments have proved that spirulina can significantly enhance the immune function of the body, which is mainly through spirulina superfood powder polysaccharide, beta carotene, amino acids, various trace elements and coenzyme Q10 in spirulina. Among them, polysaccharide from Spirulana platensis can enhance the proliferation ability of bone marrow cells, promote the hematopoietic function of bone marrow, increase the level of white blood cells, increase the phagocytosis rate and phagocytosis index of macrophages, increase the number of T lymphocytes and eliminate the inhibitory effect of immunosuppressants. Beta carotene has a unique role in immune response, which can protect phagocytes from oxidative damage and enhance immune function. The rich amino acids, vitamins, trace elements and coenzyme Q10 in earthrise spirulina natural powder can also enhance the ability of human immune cells to phagocytosis of viruses, improve the immune function of the human body, and make the body full of health and vitality.

Protect and restore visual damage caused by radiation

The eye is the sensitive organ of the human body to electromagnetic radiation, too high electromagnetic radiation pollution will cause vision decline, dry eyes, cloudy eye crystals, burning eyes, cataracts and so on. The beta-carotene contained in spirulina athletic greens is effective in anti-toxic detoxification and can be converted into vitamin A in the human body. Spirulina vitamin shoppe Vitamin A is an important substance that constitutes the photosensitive material of the eye, and bulk supplements spirulina is very important for the health of the eye, which can protect and restore the visual damage caused by radiation and prevent cataracts.

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