Spirulina sugar why can diabetic patients eat

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“You can’t eat enough rice, you can’t eat too much fruit, and you don’t touch dessert.” It is well known that people with diabetes should not eat foods containing sugar. Many patients even talk about sugar. So, are all sugars unsuitable for diabetics? Do diabetic patients need to eat sugar?

What most people don’t know is that not all people with sugar diabetes can’t eat it; It’s not that people with diabetes don’t need sugar. Sugars, fats, proteins, vitamins, water and minerals are the six nutrients needed by the human body, and the energy required for human life activities mainly comes from sugars. Because of the absolute or relative insufficiency of insulin in the blood of diabetic patients, they can not reduce blood sugar and appear glycosuria, which leads to the disorder of fat and protein metabolism. …

Sugars are divided into polysaccharides, disaccharides, and monosaccharides, which have the same nutritional significance, but only polysaccharides can be eaten by diabetic patients. …

According to the research of relevant research institutions and clinical endocrinology association in China, it has been confirmed that the average person consumes polysaccharide for 4-7 hours, the blood sugar lowering rate reaches 56.45%. Polysaccharide has the function of bidirectional regulation of blood sugar, the uptake and utilization of glucose by the whole body tissues, improve the sensitivity to insulin, thus reducing the load on the pancreas and protecting the function of the pancreas. This is also an important reason why spirulina has a bidirectional regulation of blood sugar.

The reason why spirulina is called a comprehensive and balanced food, because it has the substances necessary for human life activities, the good news for diabetic patients is that the sugars contained in spirulina are polysaccharides, diabetic patients can not only eat, but also the ideal auxiliary for the treatment of diabetes disease.

In addition, under normal circumstances, people with diabetes are concerned about lowering blood sugar, often ignoring the symptoms of diabetes patients with hypoglycemia, at first glance this is very contradictory, in fact, it is not surprising to think carefully about the cause. Due to insufficient insulin, diabetic patients cannot balance their blood sugar, and the body cannot adjust its intake of sugar through the islets (hypoglycemia). During treatment, excessive insulin dose, reduced eating, improper activities and other reasons may cause hypoglycemia, which is more harmful to diabetic patients than hyperglycemia. Therefore, Many doctors advise patients to keep sugar handy to avoid life-threatening hypoglycemia. Therefore, diabetes patients do not need to eat sugar, but what sugar is important.

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