금잔화 꽃 추출물 루테인 에스테르 공급 업체 금잔화 꽃 추출물 루테인 에스테르 제조업체 금잔화 꽃 추출물 루테인 에스테르 공장 무료 샘플

When lutein ester enters the human body, it is first decomposed and then converted into lutein and then absorbed by the body. Not only can lutein ester be naturally hydrolyzed into free lutein in the human body, but it can also improve the bioavailability of lutein crystals.

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메리골드 꽃 추출물 루테인 에스테르 Description

Lutein ester is a carotenoid fatty acid ester, the chemical name is lutein dipalmitate, soluble in organic solvents, widely exist in corn, cabbage, marigold and other plants, among which the most abundant in marigold.

제품 이름 메리골드 꽃 추출물 루테인 에스테르
CAS 번호 547-17-1
라틴어 이름 Tagetes erecta Linn
모양 Reddish-brown fine powder

Lutein ester powder: HPLC / UV 5% -60% , Lutein ester CWS powder: HPLC 5%

패키지 1kg/가방, 25kg/드럼
스토리지 습기를 차단하고 빛이 닿지 않는 밀폐된 곳에 보관하세요.
테스트 방법 HPLC , UV


Marigold Flower Extract Lutein Esters Specification

Lutein ester powder: HPLC / UV 5% -60%
Lutein ester CWS powder: HPLC 5%

Main Functions of Marigold Flower Extract lutein Ester

Retina Health Guard

Blue light filtering and antioxidant properties are key nutrients that aid eye development.

Supplement Pigment

Lutein ester is decomposed into free lutein after being absorbed by the human body, and has the basic function of crystallized lutein to supplement the loss of lutein in the body (supplementary consumption should be ≤12 mg/day).
(1) Supplement the macular pigment density in the macular area of ​​human retina, protect the macula, and promote macular development.
(2) Protect eyes from light damage, delay eye aging and prevent eye disease.
(3) Antioxidant, helps prevent cardiovascular sclerosis, coronary heart disease and tumor diseases caused by aging of the body.
(4) Protect vision and relieve symptoms of visual fatigue; (blurred vision, dry eyes, eye swelling, eye pain, photophobia, etc.)
(5) Prevent macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa, and reduce the occurrence of drusen.


Natural lutein ester is an important carotenoid fatty acid ester that exhibits a gorgeous golden color. Lutein ester is a very stable food colorant. It is very stable to light, heat and air and is widely used in food, beverages, cosmetics and other application fields. It can be made into water-soluble colorants after emulsification. Natural lutein esters will replace chemically synthesized food-grade colorants and improve people’s health.

Prevention of AMD (Age-Related Macular Degeneration)

An important biological function of lutein is to protect the retina from damage by blue light with wavelengths close to ultraviolet. Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) discovered globally is the main blinding eye disease among people over 65 years old.
After natural lutein ester and zeaxanthin ester are taken into the human body, they are hydrolyzed into free lutein and zeaxanthin under the action of human lipase. They are deposited in the macula of the human eye at high concentrations and can serve as near-ultraviolet blue light absorbers. They exert protective functions by capturing free radicals and preventing or reducing the damage caused by oxidation and free radicals to the retina, which can effectively reduce the incidence of AMD. .

A series of studies have shown that lutein esters increase blood levels after ingesting them, confirming that lutein esters can be easily converted into free lutein in the body. Further experiments investigated the effect of supplementing lutein esters on increasing macular pigment density.

These studies found significant increases in macular pigment density after ingestion of lutein esters. This phenomenon occurs in both healthy people and patients with early-stage AMD. This shows that the diseased macula can also obtain stable lutein from lutein ester, and even patients who have been diagnosed with AMD can benefit from lutein ester supplements. The fact that patients with AMD may benefit from lutein supplementation was confirmed by the Lutein Antioxidant Supplementation Trial. This is a 12-month, placebo-controlled intervention trial on elderly male patients with AMD. The subjects were supplemented with lutein or lutein ester mixed with antioxidants. The experimental results found that the subjects’ macular pigment density increased by 50%, and their eye function was also significantly improved.

Enhance Immunity

The latest research has found that at the overall level of animals, supplementing lutein into the body can promote antigen-stimulated lymphocyte proliferation response and affect the functional expression of cell surface molecules. The regulatory effect of lutein on cellular immunity is mainly reflected in its relationship with cell apoptosis and gene regulation.


The difference between Marigold Flower Extract lutein Ester and lutein

Different Structures, Similar Functions

Lutein has two sources in nature. One is in the original form of lutein, which is generally called “free lutein”. Another source is lutein plus long-chain fatty acids called “lutein ester”.

Food is Mainly Free Lutein

Lutein esters and lutein do exist in nature, but most of them in food are free lutein, and lutein esters are mainly found in flowers. Among common foods consumed by humans, 93% of foods contain non-esterified lutein and zeaxanthin, while only 7% of foods contain esterified lutein and zeaxanthin. It is worth noting that lutein and zeaxanthin cannot be synthesized by the human body and must be supplemented through dietary intake to maintain daily requirements. If lutein ester is ingested, it will be hydrolyzed into lutein after entering the human body, which has the same eye protection function as lutein.

During storage and consumption, the utilization rate of lutein will be greatly reduced due to changes in light, heat, pH value, etc., which has great limitations. However, due to its molecular configuration, lutein ester is more stable in storage and consumption. , the bioavailability is 61.6% higher than that of monomeric lutein.



The Efficacy of Marigold Flower Extract lutein Esters

Lutein ester is an important carotenoid fatty acid ester, which is widely found in marigold flowers, pumpkins, cabbage and other plants. The content in marigold flowers is the most abundant, as high as 30% to 40%.

Lutein ester is decomposed into free lutein after being absorbed by the human body. Lutein is the main pigment that constitutes the macular area of ​​the human eye. In fact, in addition to having a strong antioxidant effect, lutein can inhibit the formation of free radicals and reduce Oxidative stress causes damage to the eyes. Lutein is also known as the “blue light filter” and has the function of filtering blue light.

Blue light is a high-energy light that can directly penetrate the lens and reach the retina of the eye. The lutein contained in the human eye can filter out the blue light, thus protecting the eyes from blue light damage.

Computers, mobile phones and other electronic products we use daily emit a large amount of blue light, so it is necessary to reasonably supplement lutein esters.

In fact, lutein ester combined with bilberry extract and natural beta-carotene, two eye-protecting substances, can also achieve better eye-protecting effects.

Effects of bilberry extract and natural beta-carotene on the eyes

Bilberry extract is a nutrient extracted from bilberries. Bilberries are rich in anthocyanins. Anthocyanins can promote microcirculation around the eyes, improve blood supply to the eyes, help relieve visual fatigue, and promote rhodopsin regeneration, which is beneficial to vision health. The nutritional combination of bilberry extract + lutein can provide better eye protection than supplementing lutein alone.

Natural beta-carotene can be converted into vitamin A after entering the human body, which can help relieve dry eyes and enhance the visual ability of human eyes in dark light.


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