Synthetic biological ginsenosides

Различные способы применения женьшеня

Rare ginseng soap

Ginseng extract Ginsenosides, one of the main active components of ginseng, have many pharmacological effects. Ginseng, a perennial herb of Acanthaceae, is a valuable traditional Chinese medicine. korean red ginseng extract Ginsenosides are the main active substances of ginseng, which belong to three kinds of glycosides. They are condensed by sugar and aglycones, which have anti-tumor effect and the effect of lowering blood sugar and blood lipid. A large number of studies have proved that the rare red ginseng extract ginsenosides with two or one glucoside bond produced by the desaccharification of intestinal bacteria have stronger biological activity. However, the content of rare korean ginseng extract ginsenosides in nature is extremely low, and relevant experimental data show that 10 kilograms of higher ginseng (red ginseng, solgar korean ginseng long white ginseng, ginseng) can extract about 100mg of ginkgo biloba and ginseng rare ginsenosides, accounting for only 0.001%. The price of rare korean red ginseng extract everytime ginsenosides in the international market is up to 360,000 yuan/gram, which is more scarce than gold.

The rare ginseng liquid ginsenosides have stronger biological activity, which is conducive to maximize pharmacological effects. Ginsenosides can only be absorbed by the human body after entering the human body through specific enzyme decomposition, and this enzyme is rarely or not present in the human body, resulting in low bioavailability and weak pharmacological effects of ginseng extract cheongkwanjang red ginseng extract liquid ginsenoside tablets in the human body. Ginsenosides ginseng concentrate secondary metabolites transformed by synthetic biology techniques (such as enzymatic hydrolysis or microbial fermentation) have stronger biological activity, and these secondary metabolites (F1, F2, Rg3, Rh1, Rh2, Rh3, CY, CM and CK) are called rare ginsenosides. solgar ginseng ginsenosides have better biological activity, and are more conducive to body absorption. They have sedative and hypnotic effects, promote cell differentiation and proliferation, extract korean red ginseng cheongkwanjang anti-tumor, hypoglycemic, and enhance immunity, and cheongkwanjang korean red ginseng extract can be used in skin care products, korean red ginseng tonic medical dressings, ginseng tincture biomedical materials and health food.

The path of synthetic organisms

The conversion of rare ginsenosides by biosynthesis has significant advantages. The chemical conversion method mainly uses acid-base hydrolysis of glycoside bond, oxidation addition and acetylation to change substituents. Biological transformation is the use of microbial cells to modify the structure of foreign substrates, and use some or several enzymes produced in the metabolic process to catalyze the specific parts (base groups) of the substrate, so as to increase the content of active ingredients and medicinal properties. Including bacterial transformation, intestinal flora transformation, fungal transformation and in vitro enzyme catalysis. The biosynthetic reaction can be divided into three main stages, namely glucose metabolism, saponin skeleton formation and skeleton modification. Biological method has been widely used in research and production because it makes up for the shortcomings of chemical conversion method, such as severe reaction conditions, environmental pollution and easy to produce by-products.

In the field of dermatology, anti-aging has experienced anti-oxidation, anti-light aging, anti-sugar and other stages, and has now entered the era of anti-aging 4.0 – the stage of cell anti-aging. Relaxation, wrinkles, dullness and fragility are the appearance of skin aging, and anti-aging needs to look for inducements from the skin epidermis deep into the basement membrane, dermis and cells.

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