How can I whiten my whole body


But many people do not know the correct whitening method, thinking that whitening can only rely on sun protection.

In fact, all skin is not white, can be traced to the source as long as the right medicine, can be whitening the whole body

Why is the skin dark

About 63-72% of the factors of our skin are determined by genes, the number of melanocytes in different skin colors is not very different, but people with darker skin colors have a higher level of melanocyte activity and the amount of stored melanin will be larger, from the geographical distribution and skin color comparison of Africans, Asians, Europeans can roughly see this rule: The farther you are from the equator, the lighter your skin will be. This is not an accident but is related to human adaptation to the natural environment. A lighter skin tone is often thought to be an adaptive feature of high latitudes, enabling the skin to produce enough vitamin D in the absence of sunlight. In sunny places such as the equator, darker skin can protect the skin from UV damage. However, as East Asians, we have an amino acid mutation in the pigment gene OCA2, known as the “skin color gene mutation,” that affects the formation and maturation of melanin, making carriers of the gene less prone to tanning. This is an important reason why our ancient ancestors in East Asia became lighter after they “got out of Africa” and why there are always some people in the same East Asian yellow race who are naturally white

Ultraviolet light

Skin color is largely determined by genetics but is also influenced by acquired factors, with ultraviolet light being the biggest influence. In addition to short-wave UVC in the ultraviolet can not reach the ground, UVA and UVB will reach the ground and have many effects on people’s life, and melanocytes will accelerate the secretion of melanin after feeling the ultraviolet light, and then input into the epidermal cells. The melanocytes themselves also grow in size, which in turn darkens the skin.

Inflammatory pigmentation

Whether you have sensitive skin or not, as long as your skin is inflamed and the inflammation is relatively serious, there will be red skin and red blood sequelae and inflammatory pigmentation, for example, sunburn, when the skin is sunburned, there will be a large area of red and hot phenomenon, sunburn is also called solar dermatitis due to excessive exposure of ultraviolet rays in the sun, Cause phototoxic reaction in local skin of human body. It means that excessive UV rays cause skin irritation. For example, if the warmth is not in place, it is easy to appear frostbite, and the pathophysiological mechanism of frostbite is the comprehensive effect of freezing, vascular insufficiency (contraction and occlusion) and inflammatory mediates. Inflammatory pigmentation seen in many skin diseases can be divided into hereditary (freckles), endocrine (melasma), metabolic (melanosis), drug (fixed drug rash), inflammatory (sun spots), neoplastic (colored nevus), physical (friction melanosis) and artificial (tattoos)

Irregular eating habits

Nowadays, staying up late and working overtime has become the normal life and work schedule is very irregular. According to research, human metabolism is the lowest level from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m., but the human body’s cell repair and growth is the most vigorous, if there is no sleep during this time period, the human body will be overly tired and prone to rough, yellow and dark spots and acne problems

Natural aging

As people grow older, their skin tends to gradually deepen and lose luster, and their skin darkens. This is a natural aging phenomenon.

How to whiten scientifically

Sun protection

Sun protection is the first essence of whitening: no matter what whitening products do not do a good job of sun protection effect will be greatly reduced, the use of skin care products with whitening ingredients is best with sun protection, for people who are very lazy to rub sun protection can be oral maintenance products with sun protection function.

Moisturize your skin

Unhealthy skin care is easy to cause damage to the skin barrier, resulting in dry skin, peeling, decreased resistance and so on. If the skin barrier is damaged, it is easy to produce inflammation and turn black, and skin moisturizing can repair the skin barrier by forming a protective film on the skin surface.

Choose safe skin lighteners


Also known as Tranexamsäure, the added amount of this ingredient is between 2% and 3%, which can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase. The maximum allowable concentration is 3%. The disadvantage is that the strength of whitening is not strong.


Niacinamide is the active form of vitamin B3, also known as niacin.

It can prevent the migration of melanin from melanocytes to keratinocytes, and destroy melanin before it settles in, thereby preventing pigment deposition and playing a whitening effect.

The disadvantage is that niacinamide is sensitive to pH, and it is easy to hydrolyze strong irritating niacin, so there may be skin redness, tingling, itching and other problems after use.


It is a safe and effective tyrosinase inhibitor. A weak acid compound produced by fermentation of the strain is relatively mild and safe. The biggest problem with kojic acid is that it is unstable and sensitive to light and heat, so it is easy to lose its effect by oxidation. Therefore, it is recommended to use whitening products containing kojic acid at night.


Arbutin is an ingredient that inhibits tyrosinase activity.

High concentrations of arbutin have photosensitivity, can also be used during the day, do a good job of sunscreen, to ensure the activity of arbutin

In addition, there are vitamin C, retinoic acid, salicylic acid and various plant extracts (licorice, ginkgo, aloe vera, mulberry, etc.)

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