Wie viel wissen Sie über gängige Leberergänzungsmittel?

Die 10 besten adaptogenen pflanzlichen Ergänzungsmittel

Liver disease is seriously harmful to human health, so far there are no specific drugs. Hepatoprotective drugs refer to drugs that have the effects of improving liver function, promoting liver cell regeneration and enhancing liver detoxification.

Protect liver enzymes

Bifendate: mainly used for the treatment of viral hepatitis. It is effective for acute hepatitis and mild chronic hepatitis, but poor for patients with moderate chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis. It can significantly reduce the level of alanine aminotransferase, and has no effect on aspartate aminotransferase.

Bicyclic alcohol: similar to biphenyl diester structure, indications are similar.

Relieve cholestasis

Ursodeoxycholic acid: It is mainly used for cholestatic liver disease and chronic liver disease with intrahepatic cholestasis.

Adenosylmethionine: In chronic liver disease, the synthesis of adenosylmethionine in the liver is reduced, and the exogenous supplement can play a certain protective role in liver injury, and also has a certain effect on cholestatic liver disease.

Schutz der Leber

Reduced glutathione: it is mainly found in the cytoplasm, plays a role in a variety of cellular biochemical functions, and can also promote the formation of low-toxic compounds that are easily metabolized through the combination of sulfhydryl groups and free radicals in the body, and has a detoxification effect on some exogenous substances. It is commonly used in various liver diseases and antitoxic drugs.

Tiopronin: Tiopronin is a drug containing free sulfhydryl, which can prevent liver damage caused by some chemicals and drugs, and inhibit the accumulation of triglycerides in chronic liver damage. It also improves liver function by protecting the structure of liver mitochondria. By combining with free radicals, it can detoxify some exogenous substances. It is often used to improve liver function in patients with chronic hepatitis B. But this product has more adverse reactions.

Repair liver cell membranes

Polyene phosphatidylcholine is a kind of phosphatidylcholine extracted from soybean oil, most of which are essential phosphatidylphosphatidylcholine which cannot be synthesized by human body itself. It can accelerate the regeneration and stability of liver cell membrane, inhibit lipid peroxidation and inhibit collagen synthesis. It is used to assist in the improvement of toxic liver damage (such as liver damage caused by drugs, poisons, chemicals and alcohol, etc.) as well as loss of appetite and right upper abdominal pressure in patients with fatty liver and hepatitis.


Glycyrrhizin preparations: The drug has an adrenocorticosteroid like effect, anti-inflammatory and alleviating immunopathological reactions. It also has the function of protecting liver cell membrane and improving liver function. It is often used in chronic viral hepatitis to improve liver function. At present, the commonly used compound glycyrrhizin capsules, diammonium glycyrrhizinate, magnesium isoglycyrrhizinate.


Milk thistle: It can stabilize the liver cell membrane, protect the liver cell enzyme system, remove active free radicals in the liver cells, thereby improving the liver’s detoxification ability. It is often used to restore abnormal liver function in acute and chronic hepatitis and fatty liver.

Commonly used Vitamine and their coenzymes, traditional Chinese medicine preparations are salviorrhiza, Astragalus, matrine, wormwood and so on.

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