Schisandrin-Extrakt Schisandrol A


Schisandrin A, also known as methylschisandrin, is a natural plant compound extracted from schisandrin. Schisandrin A has rich medicinal value and is widely used in the field of traditional Chinese medicine. It has a variety of effects and functions, let’s introduce it below.

Source: Schisandra chinensis (Turcz.) Baill. The dried ripe fruit

Molecular formula: C24H32O7

Molecular weight: 432.5067

Schisandrol A has antioxidant effects. Scientific research has found that schisandrin A is rich in a variety of antioxidant substances, which can clear free radicals, reduce oxidative stress, and protect cells from damage. It has a significant anti-aging effect on the skin, can reduce the production of fine lines and wrinkles, and make the skin more firm and smooth.

Secondly, schisandrin A has anti-inflammatory effects. Many inflammatory diseases, such as arthritis and enteritis, can bring pain to patients. Schisandrin A can inhibit inflammatory response, reduce inflammatory symptoms, and relieve pain and discomfort in patients. It can also enhance immunity, improve the body’s resistance, prevent infection and disease.

In addition, schisandrol A also has anti-tumor effects. In recent years, scientists have conducted in-depth research on the anti-tumor activity of schisandrin methyl. The results show that schisandrin A can inhibit the growth and division of tumor cells, induce apoptosis of tumor cells, block the blood supply of tumor, and thus inhibit the development and metastasis of tumor. This makes schisandrin a potential drug for treating tumors.

In addition, schisandrin methyl also has a sedative effect. With the fast pace of modern life and high pressure, many people are prone to insomnia, anxiety and other neurological diseases. Schisandrin can increase the level of serotonin in the brain, regulate the balance of neurotransmitters, help promote sleep, relieve anxiety and depression, and help people restore healthy sleep.

Finally, schisandrin methyl also has the effect of lipid lowering. Hyperlipidemia is one of the major risk factors for many cardiovascular diseases. Schisandrin A can inhibit the synthesis of serum triglycerides and cholesterol, reduce blood lipid levels, and prevent atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases.

In summary, schisandrin A has the effects of anti-oxidation, anti-inflammation, anti-tumor, tranquilizing and lipid-lowering. It is not only a natural plant compound, but also an important medicinal substance. In the future, scientists will continue to further study the pharmacological action and mechanism of schisandranol A to provide more scientific basis for its further application.