Were you shocked after seeing the dangers of lack of B-group?


 Take a look, it turns out that vitamin B is the root cause of many serious diseases in the human body! It is most likely to cause ulcers, hemorrhoids, cervical erosion, cancer, liver cirrhosis, etc.!

 1. Long-term and severe lack of B vitamins in the body is the root cause of cancer and tumors.

 2. Various digestive tract ulcers, bleeding, masses, polyps, fibroids, and liver cirrhosis are also caused by lack of B vitamins.

 3. Hemorrhoids are also caused by a lack of B vitamins.

 4. Cervical erosion in women is also caused by lack of B vitamins.

 5. What is usually called “getting angry” refers to short-term and acute deficiency of B vitamins.

 6. Supplement B vitamins in a timely and adequate amount, and these symptoms will be alleviated until recovery.

 7. B vitamins are an essential nutrient for the human body. It is an essential substance that forms the surface of human tissues and organs. B vitamins cannot be stored in the human body, but the human body needs them every day, so they must be obtained from food every day. In addition, animal liver, kidney, heart and other B vitamins have higher content in food (which also illustrates the importance of B vitamins), followed by milk and its products, poultry and eggs, beans and their products, and cereals. Generally, vegetables also contain small amounts of B vitamins.

 8. B vitamins in plants mainly exist in the skins and husks of grains, and most of them are lost during grain processing. Therefore, the dietary structure of modern people means that the human body cannot obtain enough B vitamins from food, so most people are deficient in B vitamins.

 9. The human body will not feel any slight lack of B vitamins, but obvious symptoms will appear when it reaches a certain level. First, in the weakest part of the human body, usually the beginning and end of the digestive tract, that is, the mouth or anus. , congestion and swelling appear, and then ulcers appear on the skin or mucous membranes, and then bleeding begins. This is oral ulcers and hemorrhoids. If you are deficient in B vitamins for a long time, the same symptoms will appear in other parts of the human body.

 Why does lack of B vitamins cause congestion and swelling?

 The main reason is blood vessels. The cells that make up the blood vessel walls cannot do without B vitamins. When there is a lack of B vitamins, the blood vessel walls (mainly capillaries, the wall itself is very thin) begin to become thinner. Under the action of blood pressure, the blood vessel walls It begins to bulge outward, and when local blood vessels begin to bulge, a mass forms. Finally, the blood vessels begin to burst and bleed. If it occurs in the brain, have you guessed it? Yes, this is a cerebral hemorrhage.

 Why does a lack of B vitamins cause ulcers?

 In the same way, the cells that make up human skin and mucous membranes also need B vitamins. When B vitamins are deficient, the human body cannot produce enough skin and mucous membrane cells to replace the cells that have been metabolized, and a gap occurs in the skin of the affected area. Or the mucous membrane is like melted snow, developing from a small point into a wound. This is an ulcer. If it occurs in the esophagus, it is an esophageal ulcer. If it occurs in the stomach, it is a gastric ulcer. If it occurs in the intestine, it is an intestinal ulcer. Cervical erosion occurs in a woman’s cervix. If the ulcer surface cannot heal for a long time, it will be infected by bacteria and cause inflammation. Simply using anti-inflammatory drugs can only temporarily control the proliferation of bacteria and cannot heal the ulcer. If congestion and swelling develop over a long period of time, they will protrude from the surface of tissues and organs and form tumors. When tumors develop to the final stage, the surface will be eroded, infected repeatedly, suppurate, and internal cells will proliferate wildly. This is cancer.

 Therefore, cancer is a sign that the human body is long-term and severely deficient in B vitamins, and that the functions of various tissues and organs are about to fail, and total collapse is about to occur. This also reasonably explains why even if the cancerous part is completely removed, the spread and recurrence of the cancer cannot be avoided. It is not that the cancer cells have spread, but that the tissues and organs have collapsed one after another.

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