Burdock extract (Burdock 30%)

Burdock extract (Burdock 30%)

arctiin (ARC) is a biennial herb from the genus ArctiumlappaL in the Asteraceae family. The lignan-like compound Chemicalbook is extracted from the dried ripe fruit burdock seed, and a small amount of burdock leaves are also present. Arctiin is one of the main active substances in arctiin, its content in arctiin is about 8.4%, and the content of arctiin should reach more than 5% of the quality of medicinal materials under the Chinese Pharmacopoeia (2005 edition) Arctiin. Pharmacological studies have shown that arctiin has significant anti-tumor, antiviral, antioxidant and other physiological activities, which has attracted wide attention in Chemicalbook. Because the content of arctiin is much higher than the content of arctiin, another active ingredient in arctiin, people also use chemical hydrolysis and biological transformation methods to convert arctiin into the required active substance. Therefore, in addition to its own drug utilization value, arctiin is also an important pharmaceutical raw material.

Source:The dried ripe fruit of Arctium lappa L. in the chrysanthemum family

Character:Brown powder

CAS number:20362-31-6

Molecular formula:C27H34O11

Molecular weight:534.55

Pharmacological action

Arctiin has anti-pancreatic cancer activity, and one of its mechanisms is to induce apoptosis. This product can cause blood vessel dilation, blood pressure drop, make cold and warm blood animals produce convulsions, large doses cause respiratory failure, and make mice skin redness, diarrhea, and inhibit the isolated rabbit intestine and uterus. It can paralyze the motor nerves and bones, and can cause mild tail lifting reaction in mice. The effect of detumescence and detoxification is used to treat wind-heat cough, sore throat, spotless rash, rubella for itching, carbuncle swollen sore poison and other diseases. It is the essential medicine for wind-heat detoxification.


It has the effect of evacuating wind heat and detoxification. Burdock seed has the effect of detoxification, anti-inflammatory and discharge of pus. The leaf external application has significant anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, and the infusion can inhibit various pathogenic fungi to different degrees. It has the effect of clearing heat and dissipating wind, clearing throat and clearing knot, spreading lung through rash, detoxification and detumification. It is used for those who have not yet broken down heat poison sores. It is often compatible with Diodin, wild chrysanthemum and other heat-clearing antidotes. Burdock fruit can also be used for the prevention and treatment of diabetic nephropathy, burdock fruit contains burdock hydrolyzed burdock genin has anticancer activity.