Ginsenoside can obviously enhance energy and physical strength and improve cancer fatigue


Scientists began to study ginsenosides in the 1960s, after more than 50 years of research, scientists have found a large number of medical effects of ginsenosides. These effects are mainly concentrated in the fields of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, neurological diseases, diabetes and so on. And ginsenosides have an effect that has received attention in these fields, that is, anti-fatigue effect.

At the end of 2019, a paper summarized and analyzed the research results of anti-fatigue ginsenosides at home and abroad in the past 10 years, and finally concluded that ginsenosides have a wide range of anti-fatigue effects, and can play a significant role in improving cancer-related fatigue, postoperative fatigue syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, and exercise fatigue [1].

Cancer fatigue does great harm to patients

Cancer related fatigue, referred to as cancer fatigue. Cancer fatigue is widespread in cancer patients and is the most painful symptom that patients report. Cancer fatigue is often long lasting and cannot be relieved by rest. This kind of fatigue that goes deep into the bone marrow can bring great harm to the patient.

The first is the physical pain. Cancer fatigue makes patients feel tired all the time, have no energy, do not want to move. This is a very unpleasant feeling, and patients are often in this state all day long.

Compared with the physical pain, cancer fatigue is more harmful to the patient’s psychological pain. Cancer fatigue makes patients feel worse, or makes patients depressed, poor mental state, lose confidence in cancer, and even have a mental breakdown.

Therefore, if cancer patients have cancer fatigue, family members and doctors must pay attention to it and actively find ways to help patients alleviate it.

The main cause of carcinogenic fatigue

The reason why cancer patients have cancer fatigue is mainly caused by the following reasons.

The depletion of cancer itself

Cancer is a wasting disease, cancer cells will consume a lot of energy in the body, while changing the body’s metabolism, resulting in fatigue.

Side effects of treatment

Anti-cancer treatment such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy will bring various side effects to patients, among which fatigue is one of the most common side effects.

Cancer patients have poor immunity

Cancer patients have low immunity, which can also lead to carcinogenic fatigue. For example, after surgical treatment, the patient’s immunity is poor, the body is weak, and there will be symptoms of fatigue.

Poor appetite, poor sleep

Many patients due to the impact of tumor disease, or treatment side effects, poor appetite, can not eat, resulting in malnutrition, coupled with poor sleep, poor rest, cancer fatigue soon appeared.

Body pain

Body pain is another of the most common symptoms of cancer patients. Prolonged pain can also cause fatigue.

Ginsenósidos can improve cancer fatigue

The reason why ginsenosides have a significant easing effect on cancer fatigue is that ginsenosides can comprehensively improve various causes of carcinogenic fatigue.

Ginsenosides have abundant anticancer effects, not only can inhibit and kill cancer cells, but also can combine various clinical treatments to improve the anticancer effect. The cancer condition has been reduced, and cancer fatigue has naturally improved significantly.

Ginsenosides can effectively prevent and alleviate various side effects of chemoradiotherapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy, including fatigue.

Ginsenosides can help cancer patients improve their immunity. Many studies have found that ginsenosides can enhance the function of the immune system and increase the content of various immune factors, thereby improving the immunity of patients and relieving cancer fatigue.

Ginsenosides can help patients increase appetite, increase diet, and regulate sleep, especially for patients with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, and surgery, appetite and sleep can be significantly improved after taking ginsenosides. It’s also great for relieving cancer fatigue.

Ginsenosides also have a therapeutic effect on mild to moderate cancer pain, which can reduce the body pain of patients, thereby improving cancer fatigue.

Ginsenósidos have a comprehensive effect on various causes of cancer fatigue, so ginsenosides have a good effect on various cancer fatigue. At the same time, ginsenosides basically have no side effects and can be taken for a long time, which is very suitable for cancer patients.

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Materiales de referencia:

[1] Wang Xuefang, Ren Hongxian, Feng Yinglu, Research progress on anti-fatigue effects of ginsenosides, Chinese Journal of Medicine, 2019,31 (12) : 114-116

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