Bubuk Spirulina curah kaya akan protein berkualitas tinggi


What is the maximum six spirulina? spirulina whole foods?

spirulina powder whole foods The protein content is about 60%, while the soybean is 40%, the milk powder is 13-22%, and the lean meat is 16-22%.

② Organic blue Spirulina powder bulk (blue spirulina wholesale) is rich in beta-carotene (vitamin A content is 15 times that of carrots, the highest content in natural foods found so far).

③ The content of tocopherol (vitamin E) is the highest in plants.

④ (Vitamin B12) has the highest content in plants.

The content of phycocyanin (used to prevent cancer) is as high as 17%, which is the highest among plants.

⑥SOD (superoxide dismutase) content reached 20,000 to 60,000 units.

Why is the protein contained in spirulina a high-quality protein?

· High-quality protein must be easily absorbed by the body. The absorption rate of spirulina is more than 85%.

· The protein content in spirulina is high, up to 70%.

Proteins are composed of a variety of amino acids. Spirulina contains 18 amino acids. Among them, 8 amino acids which are necessary for the human body but cannot be synthesized by itself (lysine, methionine, threonine, leucine, isoamino acid, valine, phenylalanine) are abundant in spirulina.

· The proportion of various amino acids in spirulina protein is very close to the proportion required by the human body, and the utilization rate is high. Various enzymes and organs of the human body are very demanding on the proportion of various amino acids. If a certain amino acid is deficient. Other amino acids are not able to play their role and are lost. It is like a wooden barrel, which is composed of many wooden slats, and if one board is short, the function of the other boards is also limited.

What is the important role of best organic spirulina powder (spirulina protein)in the human body?

· The human body is made up of various cells. Protein is the main part of cell tissue, and life is the form of protein existence. Proteins maintain the growth, renewal and repair of cellular tissues, allowing life to continue.

Proteins participate in a variety of important physiological activities in the human body. The body has many proteins for special functions. Such as enzymes, regulatory proteins (immunoglobulins), antibodies, polypeptide hormones, etc. The contraction of muscles, the transport of substances, hemoglobin in the blood, and so on are all done by proteins, and these functions of proteins cannot be replaced by sugars and fats.

Protein provides energy for the body, each gram of protein can produce 4.1 kilocalories, and 18% of adults’ energy is supplied by protein.

What is the effect of β-carotene in spirulina on human health?

· Prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemia. β-carotene can promote the absorption and utilization of iron and improve the hemoglobin index.

· Promote calcium absorption and bone development. Bone development does not simply grow and lengthen, but bone cells continue to differentiate and synthesize into new shapes. Beta-carotene can maintain the balance of osteoblasts and osteoclasts. Ensure normal bone growth.

· Maintain retinal cell photosensitivity, enhance vision, prevent night blindness.

· Maintain the integrity and soundness of skin, eye, respiratory tract, digestive tract, urethra and reproductive system epithelium, and defend against bacterial and viral invasion.

· Stimulate lymphocyte proliferation, protect T-cells, B-cells and phagocytes, prevent and fight cancer.

· Anti-oxidation, improve immunity, anti-aging. Beta-carotene can prevent the oxidation of cell membrane and fat, prevent hyperlipidemia, prevent the aging of normal cells, improve immunity, and achieve the purpose of anti-aging.

what is tocopherol, what is its role?

In 1922, the American scientist Ivan found that the fertility of male mice decreased, and the female mice were prone to abortion and the lack of a fat-soluble substance was related. In 1938, Swiss chemist Carla synthesized this substance and named it tocopherol, that is, vitamin E. Tocopherol can promote the secretion of sex hormones and increase the motility and quantity of male sperm. Increase female estrogen concentration, improve fertility, prevent abortion. It can also prevent menopause syndrome. Vitamin E also has the following functions:

· Antioxidant. There are countless free radicals in the body, which can destroy cells and other tissues by robbing oxygen atoms from them. Vitamin E can stop their attack, which is called antioxidant. Antioxidant is an important aspect of disease prevention and treatment. It can improve human immunity, enhance disease resistance; Moisturize skin, remove stains, whiten skin; It can make old age spots pale.

· Delay aging. American and British research institutions found in 1960 that vitamin E was added to human cells in vitro culture, and the cells divided for 120-140 generations before aging and dying. Cells without vitamin E last only 60 to 70 generations. Later, many experiments have confirmed this function of vitamin E.

· Reduce blood lipids and protect blood vessels. An excess of LDL in the blood can attach to the walls of blood vessels, narrowing and hardening them. Vitamin E can reduce the concentration of lipoprotein in the blood and prevent heart and cerebrovascular diseases.

· When vitamin E is sufficient, the liver’s detoxification ability is enhanced, which can reduce and eliminate the toxicity of heavy metals and some chemicals such as pesticides and bleach.

What is the main role of vitamin C?

In 1928, Hungarian chemist Giorgi isolated a substance from lemon that can treat scurvy named ascorbic acid, that is, vitamin C, and won the Nobel Prize for it. The main function of vitamin C is to produce collagen. Collagen makes up one-third of the body’s total protein. Collagen’s job is to “glue” the cells in your body together to form tissues. Such as skin, blood vessels, cartilage and other collagen and these tissues form a protective layer to avoid virus invasion. Its manifestations are as follows:

a. Treatment of scurvy. When the human body lacks vitamin C, insufficient collagen leads to increased capillary permeability leading to subcutaneous powder membrane, subperiosteal, muscle and joint cavity bleeding.

b, insufficient collagen, osteoblasts can not form normal bone tissue, cartilage tissue can not ossify, supplement vitamin C can prevent this lack of collagen caused by osteoporosis arthritis and other bone diseases.

c, treatment of scurvy – caused by the lack of collagen caused by increased microvascular permeability, brittle fracture caused by subcutaneous, mucous membrane, bone joint cavity, muscle bleeding disorders.

d, adequate collagen can increase skin elasticity, prevent stains, to achieve cosmetic effects.

e. The scab of wound healing is composed of collagen, and vitamin C supplementation can promote wound healing.

f, vitamin C can strengthen the vitality of white blood cells, participate in the synthesis of adrenaline, immune antibodies, neurotransmitters, thereby increasing immunity, prevention and treatment of colds, hepatitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis and other diseases and anti-cell degeneration.

g, vitamin C can reduce cholesterol, prevent hyperlipidemia.

What is the role of vitamin B1?

Although vitamin B1 exists in the skin of rice, wheat and corn (rice bran, wheat skin), it is relatively large in spirulina. Vitamin B1 is an enzyme that converts sugars like starches into energy. Lack of vitamin B1 mainly has the following lesions:

A. The nervous system can not get energy, can not work properly, induce neuropathy, beriberi, swollen feet, fatigue, anorexia, insanity and even death.

b, lack of energy in the brain, low mood, poor memory, lack of concentration, saccharide lactic acid accumulation in brain cells to produce toxicity.

c, heart lack of energy, abnormal heartbeat, heart hypertrophy.

What is the role of vitamin B2?

Vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin, makes up digestive enzymes that participate in the catabolism of fats and proteins and help transport oxygen to tissues in the body. Without vitamin B2, tissues in the body can hardly function. Its main functions are:

A. Provide energy: eliminate fatigue, the brain and muscles have sufficient energy and oxygen, natural energy.

b, vitamin B2 and vitamin A combination, so that the skin get adequate nutrition, become bright red. Lack of B2, there will be dry skin, itching, peeling and other phenomena.

c, maintain retinal function, protect vision. Lack of B2 can lead to decreased vision. People who lack vitamin B2 can suffer from cataracts.

d, can break down the inner wall of the blood vessel sticky lipid peroxide, prevent vascular sclerosis.

e, has a therapeutic effect on refractory hypohemoglobin anemia.

What role does vitamin B6 have?

Vitamin B6 is involved in the activities of more than 60 enzymes and coenzymes, and has an extremely important role:

a, cooperate with B1, B2, digest, absorb protein, fat, lack of vitamin B6, food can not be broken down, will produce toxins.

b, work with iron, make red blood cells, no vitamin B6, intake of a lot of iron is also useless.

c, participate in insulin synthesis, prevention and treatment of diabetes.

D. As a coenzyme of transaminase, it plays an important role in the treatment of hepatitis and cirrhosis.

e, can reduce blood cholesterol, prevent vascular sclerosis.

f, stimulate white blood cell production, improve immunity.

10, What is the role of niacin?

Niacin is also a component of many coenzymes, which participate in the metabolism of sugar and fat and promote tissue metabolism. For pellagra, glossitis, stomatitis, diarrhea, skin disease prevention and treatment. It has significant antiarrhythmic effect. It can inhibit cholesterol formation, dilate blood vessels, and prevent blood clots.

What is the function of vitamin B12?

a, treatment of liver disease. Prevent fatty liver, inhibit liver fibrosis; Strengthen choline action and restore liver function; Decrease transaminase; Participate in the synthesis of amino acids, creatinine, adrenaline, and maintain the normal function of liver cells.

b, treatment of pernicious anemia and macrocytic anemia.

c, treatment of neuropathy, neuritis.

What are the benefits of taking natural vitamins?

Vitamins are an indispensable nutrient for the human body and are a component of hundreds of enzymes and coenzymes that play an important role in regulating and controlling metabolism, antioxidants and numerous physiological functions. Natural vitamins have formed a good mechanism in terms of absorption, use, metabolism, excretion and elimination of side effects, while synthetic drugs including vitamins are far from reaching this degree. Spirulina is rich in various vitamins and vitamins, their absorption rate is high, safe and without side effects.

What is the role of enzymes?

Enzymes and coenzymes are catalysts in living organisms. Without enzymes, most chemical reactions in living organisms cannot take place. Such as various digestive enzymes, help break down fat, protein starch, the human body can absorb. There are thousands of enzymes in the human body that have been discovered, and each enzyme is composed of different components, which are specialized in a job and cannot be replaced by each other. Absorption of balanced nutrients to meet the needs of various enzymes. Various nutrients of spirulina are balanced and rich. Among them, proteins, vitamins, trace elements, are important components of various enzymes, spirulina itself also contains a variety of enzymes, of which there are three restricted enzymes (endonuclease). As soon as the restriction enzyme detects an invading harmful microorganism, it acts like scissors to cut the relationship with the DNA of the harmful bacteria.

What is the main role of linolenic acid?

A. Linolenic acid is the main drug for the treatment of hyperlipidemia. It can promote the transformation and excretion of cholesterol, reduce blood viscosity, improve blood circulation, maintain vascular elasticity, prevent arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

b, linolenic acid can promote human metabolism, anti-fatigue, enhance immunity, delay aging.

c, linolenic acid can promote calcium absorption.

d, promote fetal and infant brain tissue development, increase the number of brain cells.

e, linolenic acid can adjust the secretion of prostaglandins and hormones, and play a role in adjusting blood pressure and cholesterol, prevent sexual function degradation.

What is the role of linoleic acid?

Spirulina is rich in linoleic acid, which can not be synthesized by the human body, and must be supplemented every day under the combined action of unsaturated fatty acids, linoleic acid and other fat-soluble vitamins, there is an obvious anticancer effect, which can significantly inhibit the growth of lymphatic cancer, ascus cancer and breast cancer.

What is the role of phycocyanin?

pure spirulina extract Phycocyanin can greatly improve the immune function of lymphatic system, enhance the vitality of immune cells, and kill cancer cells. China and Japan have successfully extracted phycocyanin from spirulina to treat cancer.

What is the role of spirulina polysaccharide?

A. Enhance the proliferation activity of bone marrow cells, promote DNA repair and synthesis, have good anti-radiation function and reduce the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and have obvious protective effect on ionizing radiation damage. It can increase the survival rate of mice subjected to radiation test by 63%, and has obvious inhibitory effect on transplantation and cancer cells in vivo.

B. Polysaccharide from Spirulina platensis can improve the non-specific cellular immune function of the body, and promote the body’s transmutation humoral immune function, and improve the ability of low-resistance germs and viruses to invade.

C. It can promote the growth of immune organs such as thymus and spleen gland, promote the synthesis of immune serum protein, and eliminate the inhibitory effect of immunosuppressants on the immune system.

What is the role of spirulina polyamine?

A. Spirulina polyamine has the effect of enhancing immune surveillance function in the body. It can enhance the activity of enzymes in cells, ensure the normal transcription and translation of DNA, and prevent the cell from mutating and becoming cancerous.

b, repair the mutation, damage of cells, so that the chromosome back to normal.

c, promote the replication of immune cells, maintain their normal function, activate their activity, kill cancer cells.

d, regulate cholesterol concentration, increase high-density lipoprotein, reduce low-density lipoprotein, prevent vascular sclerosis.

What is the role of spirulina chlorophyll?

The chlorophyll contained in spirulina is chlorophyll a, accounting for 1.1% of its dry weight, which is 2-3 times that of other plants, general green foods contain chlorophyll b (chlorophyll b has no blood-replenishing effect), spirulina chlorophyll a and animal hemoglobin are porphyrin pigments, similar in structure. After the human body ingested chlorophyll a can be immediately converted into hemoglobin, improve the synthesis of hemoglobin, can prevent iron deficiency anemia. Spirulina chlorophyll can restore cell activity, inhibit the growth of wound bacteria, promote the formation of granulation tissue, make the wound astringent and dry, promote the healing of wound and ulcer tissue, and has a good effect on external injury, gastric and duodenal ulcer and gastritis.

Spirulina superfood contains sulfuric acid fat, what role does it have?

Spirulina contains a glycolipid, which is 40% sulfate. Harvard Medical School in the United States and the National Cancer Prevention Association (CNI) in Japan have confirmed that sulphate is a very valuable anti-HIV substance.

What is SOD? What is the effect of SOD?

The Chinese name of SOD is superoxide dismutase. It is an antioxidant and anti-aging nutrient and medicine. This active enzyme is a free radical Nemesis. There is a superoxide anion radical in the human body, O2, which is cytotoxic. It attacks lipids in the body, causing them to oxidize; Attacks lymphocytes and lowers the body’s immunity. Attack the normal cell membrane, so that it aging collapse, and cause inflammation, cancer, cause autoimmune diseases, so that the human body accelerated aging. SOD can dismutate free radicals and turn them into harmless molecular oxygen and hydrogen peroxide. It is an important cell defense enzyme, which has anti-detoxification function, promotes tissue cell growth and metabolism, and is an important substance for improving immunity, anti-tumor and delaying aging.

What is the role of calcium?

Calcium is the main component of bones. Human metabolism to discharge 700mg of calcium per day, the Chinese daily intake of only 450mg, should pay attention to calcium supplements. Calcium deficiency can lead to stunted growth and even rickets in children. It can also lead to thinning hair, lack of teeth, night sweats and other diseases. Calcium also has other functions: A. muscle contractions (including heart contractions) are inseparable from blood calcium. Calcium deficiency can easily cause cramps. B. Blood coagulation requires a variety of enzymes, and calcium ions play an important role in activating enzymes. Calcium deficiency can cause bleeding from the wound. C. Calcium is needed for information transmission. In 1970, after Rasmohsen and other scientists discovered that calcium is a chemical messenger in cells, many experiments confirmed this statement.

Why the iron contained in spirulina is easy to absorb?

Many plants contain iron, but it is difficult for the body to absorb it due to structural problems. It is rich in iron and it is in the form of iron porphyrin which is easy to be absorbed by the human body. Its absorption rate is 60% higher than that of the usual blood tonic.

What does iron do to the human body?

a, iron and protein make up heme, the main component of red blood cells. 99% of blood cells are red blood cells. Iron is also involved in cytochrome synthesis.

B. Participate in the process of nitrogen body exchange and tissue respiration in the body, participate in the transport of lipids from the blood and detoxification of drugs in the liver.

c, catalyze the conversion of β-carrot to vitamin A. Catalyze the synthesis of collagen and purine.

d, catalyze the production of antibodies, improve the activity of various bactericidal enzymes, phagocytes, and improve immunity.

What disease can iron deficiency produce?

A. Iron deficiency leads to anemia and stunted growth.

b, the brain and nervous system are sensitive to iron deficiency, iron deficiency can lead to low IQ, babies are not interested in things, poor reactions, irritability and restlessness. Children are inattentive and have low grades.

c, affect muscle, mucosal function. Inflammation of mucous membranes, deformity of nails, decreased endurance, fatigue.

d, affect the digestive system function. Gastrointestinal mucosa flaccidity and contraction, decreased appetite.

e, reduced immunity, prone to disease.

What is the role of selenium?

a, there are many free radicals in the human body, free radicals attack the cell membrane, causing the cell membrane to lose oxygen atoms and collapse, which is an important cause of aging. Selenium is a component of glutamate peroxidase, which can resist free radicals, anti-oxidation and anti-aging.

b, selenium can activate DNA repair enzymes, stimulate immunoglobulin and antibody production, improve the vitality of phagocytes, increase their number, and improve immunity. Selenium has an inhibitory effect on various cancers.

c, selenium can prevent cardiovascular disease, a survey in the United States showed that selenium deficiency areas died of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, stroke, hypertension than selenium rich areas more than 3 times, the occurrence of Keshan disease in northeast China also shows this point.

d, selenium can react with toxins ingested in the body, turning heavy metals and other harmful substances into harmless substances and out of the body.

e, selenium is closely related to vision. The retina, iris, and lens need selenium to generate electricity to send information to the brain.

f, selenium can improve sperm motility, prevent sexual dysfunction.

P.S. Due to China’s geological characteristics, selenium deficiency areas account for most of the country, including:

Most of the areas in the three northeastern provinces, Hebei, Shandong, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Yunnan, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Xizang, Jiangsu, Beijing, Tianjin, Anhui, Zhejiang, Gansu, Fujian, Hubei, Hunan, Ningxia and other 22 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions.

What is the role of zinc?

Zinc is widely found in human tissues such as bone, muscle, skin, hair, blood, and internal organs, and is a component of dozens of enzymes, including DNA polymerase. Insulin, sialoprotein, and transferrin also bind to zinc. The main functions of zinc are:

A. Maintain normal cell division. The growth process of the human body is mainly the process of continuous cell division. Zinc deficiency impedes the growth of cartilage, which can easily cause stunted growth in children, short stature, and even lead to dwarfism.

b, promote the growth of immune cells, especially T cells, improve immunity.

c, promote the absorption of vitamin A, help vitamin A transfer from the liver to the blood and reach the required organs, such as the eyes, the eyes need vitamin A, the retina contains a lot of zinc, therefore, zinc supplementation has a role in improving vision.

D. The prostate contains a lot of zinc. American doctors have clinically confirmed that zinc supplements can prevent prostate enlargement and sexual function decline.

e, zinc can maintain normal taste and appetite. Zinc deficiency can cause abnormal taste and decreased appetite, which can cause pica in children and aggravate developmental stagnation.

What does iodine do to the human body?

Iodine is found mainly in the thyroid gland. Thyroid secretes hormones, regulates body metabolism, promotes oxidation process in the body, promotes energy production and transformation, regulates protein synthesis and decomposition, promotes sugar and fat metabolism, vitamin absorption and utilization, activates a variety of enzymes, and promotes the normal development of muscle tissue, nervous system and intelligence. Iodine deficiency can cause goiter and dysfunction, developmental delays, mental retardation, and motor impairment.

the best Spirulina powder and chlorella powder contains chromium, what function does chromium have?

Chromium acts primarily as insulin in the body. It can enhance the utilization of glucose and convert glucose into fat. Beijing Hospital, Beijing Medical University and the Institute of Human Nutrition of the United States Department of Agriculture, in the clinical observation of 180 patients revealed that chromium trivalence supplementation can reduce blood sugar, glycated hemoglobin, serum islets and cholesterol, but also can improve the hypoglycemic response of diabetic patients, and has a double regulation of blood sugar. The investigation of diabetes in China has been carried out for 10 consecutive years, and chromium deficiency is common among 20 million diabetic patients in our country.

What is the role of folic acid?

Folic acid, also known as vitamin M, is a B vitamin. Its main function is to help cells divide; It is the main raw material for making red blood cells; To help the fetus develop; It has the effect of whitening skin.

Why do astronauts choose algae powder (blue algae powder) spirulina?

Astronaut food requirements are very strict, first, to be nutritious, high content and balanced. Second, easy to absorb. Third, take it safely. Fourth, it should be easy to save. In space conditions and ordinary conditions are not easy to deteriorate, fifth, to light weight, small size, because the load of spirulina powder 1 kg in space will cost several million yuan. Spirulina meets these requirements.

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