Reasons to choose phycocyanin tablets: What are phycocyanin tablets? What are the benefits?

What is phycocyanin

What are phycocyanin tablets?

 Spirulina is the raw material for “phycocyanin tablets” and contains more than 50 health and nutritional ingredients. Phycocyanin is a naturally occurring pigment protein with various medical and pharmacological properties. Phycocyanin tablets are phycocyanin compressed into tablets and are a dietary supplement.

Phycocyanin tablets health benefits

 (1) Antioxidant. Many literatures have shown that phycocyanin has antioxidant activity in scavenging hydroxyl free radicals and hydroperoxy free radicals [1]. Some researchers established a mouse model of doxorubicin-induced oxidative damage and found that the level of reactive oxygen species in the model mice treated with phycocyanin was significantly reduced compared with the control group;

 (2) It has auxiliary protection function against radiation hazards. Researchers established a mouse model of X-ray radiation injury to study the protective effect of phycocyanin on oxidative damage caused by radiation. The experimental results showed that phycocyanin can improve the antioxidant capacity of mice and reduce the oxidative damage caused by radiation to the body [2 ];

 (3) Enhance immunity. Mouse model experiments have shown that phycocyanin improves the immune function of the mouse body. In addition, phycocyanin has also been reported to reduce allergic reactions in mice through immunomodulatory activity [3];

 (4) It has auxiliary protective function against chemical liver damage. By establishing a rat alcoholic liver injury model, researchers found that administration of phycocyanin complex can effectively inhibit alcohol’s damage to liver cells, inhibit the increase in serum and liver MDA, and protect liver cells, with a significant dose-effect relationship [ 4];

 (5) Helps maintain skin moisture and reduce dryness. Researchers investigated the effects of phycocyanin on skin function in healthy subjects in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial and found that in the test diet group containing phycocyanin, the skin of subjects after 8 weeks The amount of water evaporation is significantly reduced.

 How to distinguish the levels of phycocyanin?

 The purity of phycocyanin is determined based on the absorbance ratio (A620/A280). The absorbance at 620 nm and 280 nm correspond to phycocyanin and total protein respectively:

 1. When A620/A280≤0.7, phycocyanin is considered to be food grade;

 2. When 0.7≤A620/A280≤3.9, the phycocyanin is considered to be reagent grade;

 3. When A620/A280 ≥4.0, phycocyanin is considered to be analytical grade.

Where can I buy phycocyanin tablets?

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