Spirulina powder: Too fat and too thin are easy to lead to nutrition

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Statistics show that the average person consumes 60 to 70 tons of food in their lifetime, and how to eat healthily is the key. The prevalence of hypertension, diabetes, overweight and obesity, dyslipidemia and other chronic diseases have been significantly increased, and these chronic diseases are closely related to nutritional imbalance.

Too thin, too fat, both malnourished

There are many misunderstandings about the concept of malnutrition. Malnutrition is not only too thin, weak resistance, prone to disease, but also insufficient micronutrient intake, which can lead to some diseases, and overweight and obesity are also malnutrition. Of course, each of us has a difference in absorption, when a reasonable diet through natural foods can not meet the needs of the human body for various nutrients, nutritional supplements can be appropriately used to achieve a balanced nutrition. Therefore, for the special population that is easy to lack nutrition, choose some suitable nutrient supplements, or some dietary supplements, which is good for health.

Chronic disease is the imbalance of nutrient metabolism

China has the world’s largest chronic disease population, including 114 million diabetic patients, 90 million obese patients, hypertension prevalence rate of more than 25%, which has brought tremendous pressure on China’s medical care. According to relevant studies, bad lifestyle is an important cause of chronic disease, and the ultimate impact of chronic disease on the human body is the destruction of nutritional metabolism.

Eat healthy and keep these points in mind

Various foods, mainly cereals

Variety of foods is a fundamental principle such as a balanced dietary pattern. Cereal is the basis of a balanced diet. Cereal is rich in carbohydrates and plays an important role in ensuring the growth and development of children and adolescents and maintaining human health. Adhering to the main grain, especially increasing the intake of whole grains, is conducive to reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, colorectal cancer and other diet-related chronic diseases, can reduce the risk of weight gain, increasing the intake of whole grains and oats has the effect of improving dyslipidemia.

Quantify three meals a day and maintain variety

The recommended indexes are: the average number of cereal, potato and miscellaneous beans is more than 3 kinds per day, and more than 5 kinds per week; The average number of food varieties of vegetables, microorganisms and fruits is more than 4 per day, and more than 10 per week; The average number of food varieties of fish, eggs and meat is more than 3 per day and more than 5 per week; The number of varieties of milk, soy and nuts on average is two per day and more than five per week.

Spirulina blue green algae, although small but nutritious

The uptake of trace elements is also crucial, and spirulina is a small, simple, but surprisingly nutritious single-celled algae. The average protein content of spirulina reaches 60%, among which the unique phycocyanin, with its strong antioxidant capacity, has great potential in preventing diseases, delaying aging, etc., and is regarded as an ideal nutrient source and potential “drug source”. It is rich in protein, vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids, contains eight kinds of essential amino acids, polysaccharide of Spirulina algae and trace elements beneficial to human body, easy to digest and absorb, comprehensive nutrition, reasonable structure, safety and non-toxic.

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