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Phellodendron Extract Berberine , is an important alkaloid extracted from coptis, Phellodendron and other plants.can inhibit dysentery bacillus, Escherichia coli, pneumococcus, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus, Typhoid bacillus and amoeba.

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Phellodendron Extract Berberine  HCL Introduction

Berberine HCL (Phellodendron Extract) was a is 5,6-dihdro-9,10-dimethoxy benzo-1,3-benzodioxolo {5,6-a} quinolizinium hydrochlorate dihydrate. The Phellodendron chinense Schneid. origin extracts contains not less than 97% alkaloids calculated on the anhydrous basis, it can be also extracted from Barberry Root,Coptis chinensis, even fibraureae stem origin.

Berberine hydrochloride, also known as berberine, is an important alkaloid extracted from coptis, Phellodendron and other plants.

Product Name Phellodendron Extract Berberine
CAS No 2086-83-1
Latin name Cortex Phellodendri Chinensis
Appearance yellow needle crystal powder
Specifications 97%
Pakage 1kg/bag, 25kg/drum
Storage Moisture-roof and avoid light, sealed storage.
Test Method Titration

Mainly Specifications of Phellodendron Extract Berberine HCL

Berberine HCL Powder 97% Titration
Berberine HCL Granule 97% Titration

Benefits of Phellodendron Extract Berberine HCL

Phellodendron Extract Berberine  can inhibit dysentery bacillus, Escherichia coli, pneumococcus, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus, Typhoid bacillus and amoeba.
Clinical mainly used for intestinal infection and dysentery, also this product has good anti-arrhythmia effect.
Berberine has strong antitumor activity in vivo and in vitro and can induce the differentiation of B16 cells.


Medical Uses of Berberine Hydrochloride

Antioxidant Effect

Under normal circumstances, the body maintains a balance between antioxidants and pro-oxidants. Oxidative stress is a harmful process that may be an important mediator of damage to cellular structures, thereby inducing various disease states such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, neurological diseases, and diabetes. Overproduction of reactive oxygen species (ROS), most commonly through overstimulation of NADPH by cytokines or through the mitochondrial electron transport chain and xanthine oxidase, can lead to oxidative stress. Experiments have shown that berberine metabolites and berberine show excellent -OH scavenging activity, and their effects are roughly equivalent to the powerful antioxidant vitamin C. The increase in SOD (superoxide dismutase) activity and the decrease in MDA (a marker of lipid peroxidation) levels can be monitored by administering berberine to diabetic model rats . Further results showed that the scavenging activity of berberine is closely related to its ferrous ion chelating activity, and the C-9 hydroxyl group of berberine is an essential part.

Anti-tumor Effect

There have been numerous reports on the anti-cancer effects of berberine. Various studies in recent years have shown that berberine is effective in the adjuvant treatment of ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, kidney cancer, It is of great significance in the treatment of serious cancer diseases such as bladder cancer and prostate cancer . Berberine can inhibit the proliferation of tumor cells by interacting with various targets and mechanisms. It can change the expression of oncogenes and carcinogenesis-related genes to regulate the activity of related enzymes to inhibit proliferation .

Cardiovascular Effects

Berberine plays a pivotal role in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and has an extremely wide range of applications. Berberine achieves the purpose of anti-arrhythmia by reducing the incidence of premature ventricular contractions and inhibiting the occurrence of ventricular tachycardia. Second, dyslipidemia is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease and is characterized by increased levels of total cholesterol, triglycerides, and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL), and decreased levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL), whereas berberine The stability of these indicators can be maintained extremely well. Long-term hyperlipidemia is an important cause of atherosclerotic plaque formation. It has been reported that berberine affects LDL receptors in liver cells to reduce human serum cholesterol levels in hepatocytes. Not only that, berberine has positive inotropic effects and has been used to treat congestive heart failure .


Endocrine Effects

Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a metabolic disorder characterized by an increase in blood glucose levels (hyperglycemia) resulting from the inability of pancreatic B cells to produce sufficient insulin, or the loss of effective target tissue responses to insulin. The hypoglycemic effects of berberine were discovered incidentally in the 1980s when treating diabetic patients with diarrhea.


Many Studies Show That Berberine Lowers Blood Sugar Through The Following Mechanisms:

Inhibits mitochondrial glucose oxidation and stimulates glycolysis, subsequently increasing glucose metabolism;

Reduced ATP levels by inhibiting mitochondrial function in the liver;

Inhibits the activity of DPP 4, a ubiquitous serine protease, thereby cleaving certain peptides that increase insulin levels in the setting of hyperglycemia.

Berberine has beneficial effects on improving insulin resistance and glucose utilization in tissues by reducing lipids (especially triglycerides) and plasma free fatty acid levels .


Typical Specification Sheet of Phellodendron Extract Berberine HCL 97%

Analysis Items Specifications Methods
Chemical reactions1 A turbidity is produced immediately.
Chemical reactions 2 A cherry- red color occurs.
IR IR spectrum is concordant with spectrum of Berberine HCL RS.
Chloride reaction The filtrate yields the reactions characteristic of chlorides.
Solubility Dissolved in hot water, slightly soluble in water and ethanol, insoluble in ether.
Active Ingredients Tests
Berberine HCL (Dry basis) ≥ 97.00 % Titration
Jateorhizine+Palmatine ≤1.00% HPLC
Physical Tests
Appearance Yellow crystalline powder Visual
Odor & taste Characteristic Organoleptic
Bulk density 0.3-0.45g/mL Ch.P 2020 IV<0993>
Water 8.00%-12.00% Ch.P 2020 IV<0832>
Residue on ignition ≤0.20% Ch.P 2020 IV<0841>
Chemical Tests
Heavy Metals ≤20.00ppm Ch.P 2020 IV<0821>
Pb<Lead> ≤3.00ppm Ch.P 2020 IV<2321>
As<Inorganic arsenic> ≤1.00ppm Ch.P 2020 IV<2321>
Cd<Cadmium> ≤1.00ppm Ch.P 2020 IV<2321>
Hg<Total mercury> ≤0.10ppm Ch.P 2020 IV<2321>
Microbiological Tests
Total Bacterial Counts ≤1,000cfu/g Ch.P 2020 IV<1105>
Yeasts and Molds ≤100cfu/g Ch.P 2020 IV<1105>
E. Coli Negative in 1g Ch.P 2020 IV<1106>
Salmonella Negative in 10g Ch.P 2020 IV<1106>


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