Наслаждайтесь вкусной жизнью

Знаете ли вы десять самых полезных свойств чая маття

It is fun to order tea and drink it

Матча‘s delicate foam, sparkling emerald green, is pleasing to the eye. We should enjoy and inherit the good things handed down by our ancestors. It is a pity to stay away from matcha because of its high threshold, For matcha collagen. as long as you enjoy it with the pursuit of delicious heart and gratitude to the tea maker, you don’t have to be too demanding about its practice.

Want to enjoy delicious food with ease

Best matcha tea, like jade dew, is made from mulched tea leaves. After steaming the tea leaves, the tea that is not kneaded and dried directly is ground tea. The tea is pounded into green tea powder powder with a stone roller and becomes matcha.

Some people may feel that the threshold of matcha tea is too high and avoid it. Don’t let the tea ceremony give the impression, relax and enjoy the matcha.

The use of props is also very simple, only need utensils and tea is enough. In fact, compared with their own tea at home, participating in an open-air japanese matcha tea banquet or tea party will have more opportunities to experience the fun of tea. Matcha, like draft beer, is covered with a layer of foam. Holding the tea bowl in both hands, it will be more delicious to drink before the foam disappears. Different schools of tea ceremony, the practice of high quality matcha is also different, don’t force yourself to do it, enjoy it.

A delicious way to brew vital proteins matcha collagen

1. After preparing the relevant tea machine, pour hot water into the container, brush the hot water with the tea whisk, and warm the tea whisk and the machine.

2, the tea sieve is placed on the container, the matcha is poured into the sieve after shaking the sieve, the matcha will fall into the utensil, use about 3 grams of matcha.

3. Pour about 80 ° C of water into a container and whisk with tea. When stirring, the waist force evenly stirring is the trick.

4, the gradual appearance of a layer of delicate foam even if completed, it is important to drink up before the foam disappears.