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Backvita Biotech, Inc is a manufacturer with 15 years of experience in the cosmetic raw material industry, with markets in 59 countries . The five production lines all use the latest production equipment and testing equipment, A sound system is enough for us to promised to complete delivery within 3 days.

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Alpha Arbutin

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CAS No.1197-18-8
AppearanceWhite powder
Pakage1kg / vacuum bag, 25kg/drum
StorageMoisture-roof and avoid light, sealed storage.
Test MethodHPLC
Technical DocumentationSpecs, COA, MOA, MSDS,Flow chart, Statements, Chromatograms Fingerprint, In vivo & vitro data, Stability test…

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Backvita Biotech Inc has 3 raw material harvesting bases and 4 processing bases in Shaanxi, Sichuan, Yunnan, Anhui province. We operates advanced facility factories with more than 1200tons annual production capacity along with powerful R&D center according to the GMP guidelines, we are also cooperating with the world famous third-party labs like SGS, Eurofins, and Merieux to guarantee our products quality levels on stability, safety with efficiency. And our products are distributed to 30 countries and regions, such as Europe, North America, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia market, with positive feedback and high reputation.



1: How to ensure high quality of your products?

We have strict control and guarantee on product quality. centella asiatica powder,First, we only source high-quality plant-based ingredients from reliable suppliers and partners and undergo strict quality screening. Secondly, we use advanced extraction technology and purification processes to ensure the high purity and effectiveness of the extracts. Our products also undergo professional laboratory testing to ensure they comply with relevant industry standards and regulatory requirements. We have always been committed to providing the highest quality products to meet our customers’ needs and expectations.

2:What are the characteristics of your company’s production process?

Our company uses advanced production processes and technologies to extract, isolate and purify plant extracts. We fully understand the chemical composition and active substances of each plant, and precisely adjust the production process according to different requirements and applications to ensure the activity and stability of the extract. Our processes and technologies have been developed and refined over many years to provide products of high purity, activity and reliability. Our team has extensive experience and expertise to ensure we produce the highest quality botanical extracts.

3:How does your product ensure batch-to-batch consistency? 

We take batch control and consistency of our products very seriously. We strictly control the manufacturing process of each product to ensure that each batch of products meets the same quality standards and activity requirements. We have implemented a strict quality management system and quality control procedures, strictly screened and tested raw materials, and monitored and recorded each production step to ensure product consistency and stability. In addition, we provide detailed batch records and traceability information for each product batch for customer verification and supervision. 

4: What technical support do you provide?

We provide comprehensive technical support to ensure customers get the best results when using our products. Our technical support team has rich industry experience and professional knowledge and can answer customers’ various technical questions in product application, usage, formula development, etc. We provide technical training, technical guidance and technical consulting services to help customers fully understand our products and solve problems they may encounter during use. Whether a beginner or a seasoned professional, we are able to provide personalized technical support to meet our customers’ needs

5:What sales support do you provide?

We are committed to establishing long-term cooperative relationships with customers and providing them with professional sales support. Our sales team has rich sales experience and market knowledge and is able to provide customers with customized sales solutions. We provide market research, sales training and marketing support to help customers better understand market demand and competition and formulate effective marketing strategies. We also provide marketing materials and sales tools to help clients increase sales performance and market share. Not only that, we also regularly communicate and exchange with customers to understand their needs and feedback, and continuously improve and enhance our sales support services

Struggle to be the most professional supplier for Centella Asiatica Extract

>>>  Backvita has professional technicals can provide technical support documents like: Specs, COA, MOA, MSDS,Flow chart, Statements, Chromatograms Fingerprint, In vivo & vitro data, Stability test ,etc.

>>>  We promise to provide you with unique services to ensure you have no worries in product purchasing and selling.

>>>  Our global e-commerce data analyst team has 10 years of experience in the Nutraceutical and Cosmetic Ingredients industry. We will provide you with data reports on the countries where your products are sold to help you make informed decisions. These data reports will include sales volume, sales channels, competitor analysis and other information to help you better understand market demand and trends, thereby optimizing your procurement and sales strategies.

>>>  In addition to data reports, we will also regularly provide you with information on market hot products and new products. This information will help you keep abreast of potential opportunities and trends in the market, and make adjustments and decisions based on market demands.

>>>  If you have your own exclusive brand, we will also provide you with promotional materials and posters to help you enhance your brand image and market awareness. Our design team will design exclusive promotional materials for your brand according to your needs and requirements. All these value-added services are provided free of charge to our partners’ customers.

>>>  Our goal is to focus on customers, provide you with worry-free services throughout the process, and help you achieve better performance and success.

>>>  If you have any questions or special needs about our value-added services, please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to help you and ensure your satisfaction. Thank you again for your support and attention to us, and we look forward to establishing a long-term cooperative relationship with you.

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