Why do humans explore spirulina?

Spirulina powder benefits for women

Nutritional deficiencies lead to stunted growth

The wars, hunger and pestilence recorded in modern history since the 18th century have caused many tragic disasters to mankind, and a great famine occurred in the 1960s, which has left a painful memory for people today. It was then, beginning in the early 1960s, that a green revolution spearheaded by populous India and China led to an arithmetic increase in global food, and people’s food and clothing were basically solved.

However, at the same time, the world’s population is growing exponentially, only in the 1950s to 1970s, China’s population soared from more than 600 million to more than 1 billion, thus highlighting the serious shortage of food supply and demand contradiction, people continue to face the threat of famine.

In the face of this grim situation, the whole world is concerned about how to cope with the current and future human needs for food and protein food under the enormous pressure of an increasing population. Therefore, some strategic scientists have proposed that in order to achieve better survival and sustainable development, human beings must also carry out the green revolution and explore and develop new food resources.

Spirulina is a huge reservoir of physical nutrients!

In the 1970s, when people in many African countries and Asian countries were still fighting against hunger, scientists discovered a primitive organism with unlimited potential in the depths of the African desert after many difficult explorations.

Further research by scientists has proved that spirulina is an excellent protein food resource that integrates a variety of nutrients. It is safe for both humans and animals to eat as a regular food. Spirulina is a super “nutrition package” given by nature to human beings. Pious people say that this is God for human survival opened another door.

The magical spirulina brings hope to hungry people all over the world. As early as the early 1980s, at the Conference on World FoodSupplies (1982), less than 10 years after spirulina was developed, experts made an urgent appeal: Spirulina, which shocked the world, would be a huge potential resource for human food. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is recommended to developing countries: Spirulina as a high-protein nutritional resource, is a nutritional supplement for adults and children, and can overcome food nutritional deficiencies caused by a single nutrient.

Contemporary strategic scientists predict that within 50 years, the productivity of conventional agriculture, on which humanity depends, will come to an end. With a huge population and small cultivated land, the earth will become more and more unbearable – by then, the micro-algae spirulina biological industry as unconventional agriculture will become the mainstream industry for people’s survival needs in the post-industrial era of mankind and even the post-civilization era of mankind. Spirulina will become the main food resource to meet the needs of the huge human population on Earth. Spirulina is a major food source for the future of humanity and even for future immigrants from outer space. As long as our planet can continue to receive solar radiation, there is a sufficient concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, spirulina will feed humanity forever!

The water-soluble polysaccurides is the main form of carbohydrate present in spirulina. Because the algal cell contents of spirulina are mainly water-soluble proteins, the relative content of its total carbohydrates is only 14% to 16%, but it is mainly the unique animal starch polysaccharides, and the plant starch content is very small, so spirulina is a low-calorie food.

People with high energy consumption

In the blood, the normal concentration of glucose should be maintained at 0.1%(by body weight). Glucose can provide quick energy for the brain’s metabolic activity, but for athletes and bodybuilders whose muscle tissue needs to produce lasting endurance, this “fire” is too fast to maintain endurance. Therefore, athletes need to have a strong energy bank of support and energy storage.

The magic of spirulina is that its polysaccharide is mainly stored in the liver and muscle tissue of the human body after ingested, and when the metabolism of the human body needs, they can directly and quickly provide glycogen to the muscle tissue to produce energy, so that the human body can obtain explosive power and durable endurance. The advantage of this animal starch polysaccharide is that it does not increase the burden of the pancreas, nor does it produce low blood sugar, which is of great significance for other people who consume large amounts of physical energy such as athletes, actors and bodybuilders. In fact, contemporary swimming and weightlifting coaches have long used spirulina and achieved good results through actual use.

The human body’s “garbage collector” – superoxide dismutase SOD

SOD content in spirulina

Spirulina is different from other anti-aging nutrients, it is rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals, Y-linolenic acid, polysaccharides, phycocyanin and SOD and other important active nutrients, to help middle-aged and elderly people to fully cope with and relieve various symptoms of body fatigue, so that they can restore vitality and vitality.

SOD is a kind of protein group that binds with metal ions, which is an important life substance that exists widely in animals, plants and aerophobes in nature. SOD is an important enzyme in the defense of superoxide free radicals. In the active biomass of spirulina, SOD is particularly rich, and in 10 grams of fresh spirulina (dry biomass), it contains 10,000 to 37500IU(international units). According to the determination of more than 10 domestic algae powder samples by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in 2011, the average SOD reached 1930IU/ g (dry algae).

SOD can effectively remove superoxide anion, prevent lipid peroxidation, and inhibit the formation of lipofuscin. Studies have shown that SOD helps to slow down aging, in addition, SOD also has the effects of anti-radiation damage, anti-ischemia reperfusion injury, treatment of inflammation and autoimmune diseases, and treatment of elderly cataracts.

“Scavenger” superoxide dismutase

SOD in spirulina seems to be born with the natural duty is to fight against oxygen free radicals, SOD can effectively remove superoxide anions in the body, prevent lipid peroxidation, and inhibit the formation of lipofuscin. In the period of infancy to adolescence, SOD active factors in the body are the richest period, so one by one, the face is rosy and the skin is delicate. However, with the increase of age and the aging of the body, the amount of SOD produced by the human body’s “scrubber” in the cell is becoming less and less, while the garbage in the cell – peroxide ester (LPD) and peroxide are piling up more and more, they wantonly destroy the cell membrane, DNA, and even the entire defense system of the human body. Her body is getting worse, her face is covered with brown spots, and even her breath smells bad. Without it, there would be more garbage in human cells!

Studies have shown that SOD helps to slow down aging, in addition, SOD also has the effects of anti-radiation damage, anti-ischemia reperfusion injury, treatment of inflammation and autoimmune diseases, and treatment of elderly cataracts. And as early as 1986, Chinese scientists confirmed in research that the polysaccharide contained in spirulina can enhance the activity of SOD in somatic cells and brain.

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