Women entering menopause often eat royal jelly

Magnolia officinalis extract

Bee products are increasingly regarded as the best in health, in bee products, honey is delicious and nourishing, bee pollen nutrition and health, propolis can improve immunity and resist diabetes and other effects. Among them, the active royal jelly is known as the world’s only oral “cosmetics”, and its anti-oxidation, anti-radiation, anti-aging, and anti-aging effects are amazing.

Active royal jelly delay aging, improve menopause the aging of the human body is mainly due to the decline of cell regeneration ability and the reduction of the number of living cells caused by active royal jelly has the ability to promote tissue regeneration, to achieve the effect of delaying aging, active royal jelly has the ability to activate human brain cells, delay aging and reduce the occurrence of menopause symptoms.

Recent studies have found that royal pulp can significantly promote the proliferation of human cells and delay the aging and death of cells. According to the “Chinese Materia Medica” jointly edited by the Ministry of Health and the Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is recorded that royal jelly can prolong life, regulate immunity, improve sleep, improve memory, skin care and other functions. Active royal jelly can lighten spots, whiten anti-fatigue and improve sleep; Improve lethargy, premature aging, pale face, lack of qi and blood, early menopause and other symptoms.

Climacteric disorder is due to endocrine dysfunction, resulting in vegetative nervous dysfunction caused by some diseases and sexual decline. Insist on taking active royal jelly + bee pollen, can be adjusted and recovered. Active royal jelly has the effect of gonadotropin, has a significant impact on endocrine, balance hormone levels, so as to alleviate various menopause symptoms, improve menopause temper, upset.

A large number of bioactive substances unique to active royal jelly can fully nourish and repair damaged nerves, fundamentally improve insomnia and poor sleep quality caused by nerve damage, with bee pollen, 3 times a day, 5 to 10 grams each time, warm honey water to take. Take it once before breakfast and 30 minutes after dinner to restore deep sleep and give you essence, Qi and spirit!

Royal jelly + honey to whiten spots and nourish good complexion

Royal jelly contains more than 12 kinds of protein, more than 20 kinds of amino acids, more than 10 kinds of vitamins, especially B vitamins are particularly rich, not only nutritional tonics, but also has significant beauty and health care effects. Menopause will often appear temper, dizziness, shoulder heavy back pain, face, hands, feet cold, fever, hands and feet numbness, abnormal fatigue and other symptoms. The above symptoms can generally be adjusted and recovered to a certain extent after taking royal jelly.

Active royal jelly is a good beauty agent, because royal jelly is rich in vitamins and proteins, but also contains SOD enzyme, can supplement the decline of SOD enzyme in the body when the human body is old, so as to achieve anti-aging. Active royal jelly also has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, free radical scavenging, anti-radiation effects, is a precious beauty supplies. It can prevent skin infection, inflammation and radiation damage, prevent the formation of skin melanin, whiten spots, remove wrinkles, care for the skin, keep the skin clean and white, maintain the skin soft and shiny, and give you a good complexion.