Quercetin - ekstrak fungsional alami dengan keunggulan

Quercetin di luar imajinasi Anda

Now Quercetin ——Natural compounds with absolute advantages

Quercetin (Quercetin) is a natural extract, a natural polyphenol. The name quercetin 250 mghas been in use since 1857, derived from the Latin “Quercetum,” meaning oak forest.

Quercetin, now quercetin capsules with bromelain 240 ,which is found in a variety of foods, is a polyol hydroxyl flavonoid widely found in nature and is also an important dietary antioxidant.

Onion is the highest content of quercetin food, so quercetin is also called onion or quercetin.

A large body of scientific literature demonstrates quercetin’s ability to regulate multiple biological pathways, with 4 main properties that contribute to respiratory and immune health: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, and antiviral. Because of this unique pleiotropic effect, quercetin for sale has a potential role in preventing the invasion of viruses.

Recent medical studies have also found that quercetin has a wide range of pharmacological effects on respiratory system tumors, pulmonary fibrosis, lung injury, respiratory virus infection, etc., which is of great significance for the treatment and prevention of lung diseases.

Health benefits of quercetin

Quercetin helps protect cells

Quercetin phospholipid acts as an “on button” to repair cells, and an “off button” to help cells protect themselves from damage or infection.

Resveratrol quercetin helps prevent oxidation

Strengthens the body’s enzymatic anti-oxidation system, which helps the body during biological stress, such as inflammation and allergies.

Quercetin may help reduce inflammation

It can control the production and release of inflammatory mediators.

Quercetin helps improve body performance

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