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Ginseng Extract Ginsenoside is a sterol compound that mainly exists in medicinal materials of the genus Ginseng. It is the active ingredient in ginseng and has the effects of enhancing physical fitness, regulating nerves, and delaying aging.

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Ginseng Extract Ginsenosides Introduction

Ginseng Extract Ginsenosides is prepared from Asian Ginseng by maceration, percolation, or both processes performed at room temperature with suitable solvents such as alcohol, water, or mixtures of these solvents, and concentrating the fluid extract at temperatures below 50°. The ratio of the starting crude plant material is between 3:1 and 7:1. It contains NLT 3.0% of ginsenosides Rg , Re, Rb , Rc, Rb , and Rd combined, calculated on the anhydrous basis.

Product Name Ginseng Extract Ginsenosides
CAS No 90045-38-8
Latin name Panax Ginseng C. A. Mey.
Appearance Yellowish white or light yellow powder
Specifications Rh2,Rg,Rg1,Rg2,Rg3,Rg5,Rb1,Rb2,Rc,Rb3,Rh,Rh1,Ro,Rh3
Pakage 1kg/bag, 25kg/drum
Storage Moisture-roof and avoid light, sealed storage.
Test Method HPLC

Efficacy of  Ginseng Extract Ginsenosides

Ginsenoside is a sterol compound that mainly exists in medicinal materials of the genus Ginseng. It is the active ingredient in ginseng and has the effects of enhancing physical fitness, regulating nerves, and delaying aging.

Enhance Physical Fitness

Appropriate consumption of ginsenosides can enhance physical fitness and is suitable for patients with physical weakness.

Regulate Nerves

Ginsenosides have obvious effects on the central nervous system. They can calm and soothe the nerves, nourish neurons, improve central nervous system function, and keep the brain in an excited state. After taking it, it can relieve physical fatigue and make thinking more active and clearer. . Ginsenosides can also calm the nerves, prevent insomnia, and prevent neurasthenia, anxiety, depression and other mental diseases.

Delay Aging

Ginsenoside is a natural antioxidant ingredient that can clean up free radicals in the human body that damage human cells and prevent the generation of free radicals. Appropriate consumption can increase the activity of human tissue cells, prevent cell damage, and improve memory. Delaying the occurrence of aging symptoms can keep the human body in a normal and youthful state. In addition, ginsenosides have a certain nourishing effect on the skin, can increase skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles.


Ginseng Extract Ginsenosides Saponin Ingredients

Saponin ingredients



 It can inhibit the metastasis of cancer cells to other organs, enhance the body’s immunity, and quickly restore physical fitness. It has obvious anti-metastasis effect on cancer cells and can be taken in conjunction with surgery to enhance wound healing and physical recovery after surgery. The absolute bioavailability is (16.1±11.3)%.


 It has the functions of stimulating the central nervous system, resisting fatigue, improving memory and learning ability, and promoting the synthesis of DNA and RNA. Exciting the central nervous system, anti-fatigue, improving memory and learning ability, and promoting the synthesis of DNA and RNA.


It can quickly relieve fatigue, improve learning and memory, delay aging, excite the central nervous system, and inhibit platelet aggregation.


It has anti-shock effect, quickly improves myocardial ischemia and hypoxia, and treats and prevents coronary heart disease.


It can act on the G2 phase of the cell reproductive cycle, inhibit the synthesis of proteins and ATP in the early stage of mitosis of cancer cells, slow down the proliferation and growth rate of cancer cells, and has the functions of inhibiting cancer cell infiltration, resisting tumor cell metastasis, promoting tumor cell apoptosis, and inhibiting tumor cell growth and other effects.


Inhibit cancer cell infiltration, resist tumor cell metastasis, promote tumor cell apoptosis, and inhibit tumor cell growth.


American ginseng (American ginseng) has the highest content and has the potential to affect animal testicles. It can also affect the embryonic development of mice. It can enhance the function of the choline system, increase the synthesis and release of acetylcholine, and improve memory.


It promotes the synthesis of DNA and RNA and regulates the brain center. It has the functions of inhibiting the central nervous system, reducing intracellular calcium, anti-oxidation, scavenging free radicals in the body and improving myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury.


 Ginsenoside-Rc is a sterol molecule in ginseng. Has the function of inhibiting cancer cells. Can increase sperm activity.


 It can enhance myocardial function and protect the body’s own immune system. It can be used to treat myocardial contractile failure caused by various causes.


It has central nervous system inhibition, hypnotic effects, analgesic, soothing, antipyretic, and promoting serum protein synthesis.


It has the effect of promoting liver cell proliferation and DNA synthesis, and can be used to treat and prevent hepatitis and cirrhosis.


It has anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, and anti-thrombotic effects, inhibits acid platelet coagulation, and has anti-hepatitis effects and activates macrophages.


Effects of ginsenoside Rh3 on proliferation and apoptosis of human colon cancer cell SW480

Specification (TDS) of Ginseng Extract Ginsenosides

Analysis Items Specifications Methods
A. TLC Sample solution exhibits major bands similar in position and color to standard solution.
B. Acid test A red-brown color develops at the zone of contact.
C. HPLC Retention time of the sample matches with the standard in HPLC purity test.
Active Ingredients Tests
Total Ginsenosides (UV) ≥5.00% USP43<857>
Ginsenosides (HPLC) ≥3.00% USP43<621>
Physical Tests
Appearance Brown to light yellow fine powder Visual
Odor Characteristic Organoleptic
Taste Characteristic Organoleptic
Particle size 98% pass 80mesh USP43<786>
Water content ≤7.00% USP43<921>
Residue on Ignition ≤5.00% USP43<281>
Chemical Tests
Heavy Metals ≤10.00ppm USP43<231>
Pb<Lead> ≤3.00ppm USP43<211>
As<Inorganic arsenic> ≤2.00ppm USP43<251>
Cd<Cadmium> ≤1.00ppm USP43<232>
Hg<Mercury> ≤0.10ppm USP43<261>
Residual Solvents USP<565> USP43<565>
Pesticide Residues USP<561> USP43<561>
Microbiological Tests
Total Bacterial Counts ≤300cfu/g USP43<2021>
Yeasts and Molds ≤100cfu/g USP43<2021>
E. Coli Negative USP43<2022>
Salmonella Negative USP43<2022>
Staphylococcus aureus Negative USP43<2022>


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