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Camptotheca Extract Camptothecin  Camptotheca acuminata, also known as eclipta, water chestnut, and thousand-foot tree, is a plant of the genus Camptotheca of the family Bluecarpaceae. It is a unique tree species in China and a deciduous tree.It mainly contains the anti-tumor alkaloid camptothecin.

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Camptotheca Extract Camptothecin Description

Camptotheca acuminata, also known as eclipta, water chestnut, and thousand-foot tree, is a plant of the genus Camptotheca of the family Bluecarpaceae. It is a unique tree species in China and a deciduous tree.It mainly contains the anti-tumor alkaloid camptothecin

Camptothecin is a plant anti-cancer drug, the “third largest plant anti-cancer drug” in the world.

Camptothecin and its various derivatives are broad-spectrum anticancer drugs that can cause morphological changes such as degeneration, necrosis, and nuclear pyknosis in cancer cells, and change the ultrastructure of cancer cells and host liver cells. Camptothecin mainly acts on the DNA synthesis phase of cells.

Product Name Camptotheca Extract Camptothecin
CAS No 7689-03-4
Latin name Camptotheca acuminata Decne
Appearance Light yellow needle crystal powder
Specifications Camptotheca Extract Camptothecin
Pakage 1kg/bag, 25kg/drum
Storage Moisture-roof and avoid light, sealed storage.
Test Method HPLC

Application of Camptotheca Extract Camptothecin

The Anti-cancer Effects of Camptothecin

In the treatment of gastric cancer, colon cancer, and rectal cancer, most cases of camptothecin showed symptoms improvement after 15 to 30 days of treatment, such as increased appetite, weight gain, and tumor shrinkage; for lung cancer, esophageal cancer, lymphosarcoma, and bladder cancer, , malignant hydatidiform mole and chorioepithelial carcinoma, cylindroma adenocarcinoma in head and neck cancer, leukemia, etc. also have certain curative effects.

Antiviral Effect of Camptothecin

Camptothecin can inhibit HIV replication in cells of acutely infected HIV patients by 89% to 93%, making it a natural drug for the treatment of AIDS. Camptothecin can also treat genital warts, especially in children.Genital warts are benign growths on the skin and mucous membranes caused by human papillomavirus. The mechanism of camptothecin in treating genital warts is mainly to promote the apoptosis of epithelial cells in genital warts and inhibit the excessive proliferation of epithelial cells.

Other Effects of Camptothecin

Camptothecin also has the effects of preventing early pregnancy, treating warts, treating acute and chronic leukemia and hepatosplenomegaly caused by schistosomiasis. Camptothecin has significant therapeutic effects on lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced acute lung injury (ALI).


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